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In the dynamic industry of defence, organisations are grappling with challenges in complex project delivery requirements. As a leading defence consulting firm, Systematiq has the experience, expertise, and innovative solutions to navigate these complexities, particularly in procurement services, bid and tender writing, project management and delivery, systems engineering, integrated logistics support, and training systems.  

Over the past five years, we've tripled in size, worked on more than $10 Billion worth of tenders and contributed to defence industry panels and forums. Our team of highly qualified consultants are experts in defence requirements and business processes, many being former serving members. We know your challenges and are well placed to provide solutions that move your projects forward. For the Commonwealth, we supply time and materials, but predominantly fixed price delivery of services, to fulfil capacity capability in specialist areas. 



Partnering with Systematiq

Systematiq is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the defence sector. Our experience, attention to detail and robust knowledge of industry-leading practices ensure our clients achieve their strategic goals. Join forces with us today so we can move your projects forward.
Systematiq – Your strategic partner in overcoming defence sector challenges and moving you forward.

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Key Challenges of Defence

The defence sector faces several hurdles, including: 

  • Managing costs and timelines: overruns and delays are common in defence equipment acquisition.
  • Adapting to evolving requirements: with technology progressing rapidly, user requirements are constantly changing.
  • Building supplier relationships: strong relationships with technology and service providers are crucial for success.
  • Implementing industry best practices: adopting proven methodologies and practices can be challenging in a dynamic industry environment.
  • Navigating international collaboration: Joint procurement efforts involving multiple global organisations and supply chains add an extra layer of complexity.
  • Balancing market forces and procurement policies: guiding supply chain decisions away from market tendencies and aligning with current defence procurement policies is a significant challenge. 

Systematiq Defence Consulting Services - Your Answer to Defence Challenges

Systematiq offers a comprehensive range of services designed to tackle these challenges effectively: 

  • Bid, Proposal and Tender Writing:

We have extensive experience in researching, writing and editing tender responses and proposals using proven methods from Shipley Associates and the ASDEFCON framework, ensuring our client proposals are both compliant with the framework and aligned to the Tender Data Requirements for Defence. 

  • Project Procurement Support:

We help you achieve successful acquisitions and assist you with strategy and tender management along with supply chain and stakeholder relationships. 

  • Support for SMEs:

We assist SMEs in navigating the complexities of ASDEFCON requirements through acquisition and sustainment, grant and funding applications, and industry engagement strategy. 

  • Implementing Project Management Best Practices:

Our team can help manage cost overruns and schedule delays, ensuring your projects stay on track. Our project management, systems engineering and integrated logistics services help organisations adopt industry best practices. 

  • International Cooperation:

We provide support in managing the intricacies of international procurement processes. 

  • Market Forces and Procurement Policies:

We specialise in helping you to navigate market forces and procurement policies with agility, such as Defence Strategic Review priorities, and international opportunities. 

Defence Projects


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What specific areas of Defence does Systematiq specialise in?

Our business services include proposal development such as tender and bid writing and reviews, market analysis and entry plans, market strategy, and campaign and capture planning. We also provide consulting in program delivery and disposal services such as systems engineering, logistics support, and project management.

Does Systematiq have experience in the Defence industry?

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