Crafting a tender submission for the Transport and Infrastructure sectors has become increasingly difficult with competitors rising to the occasion. So, how do you ensure that your organisation stands out from the crowd? Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions (WWS) turned to Systematiq to articulate their key messages and obtain a professional outcome to presenting their value proposition.

WWS were responding to a Request for Tender from Daimler for Vehicle Processing and Transportation (VPT) when they sought out Systematiq. Systematiq assisted in creating a visual proposal overview which articled their value proposition, provided key win themes, and ultimately, gave WWS a unique edge on their competitors.

Defining a point of difference

Creating a visual representation of a brand, quickly capturing the intended audience’s attention, is how Systematiq provides their clients with a point of difference.

To deliver the desired outcome, Systematiq provided a Proposal Writer and Graphic Designer to assist with the overview. They worked together with WWS, discussing the goals of the project and outlining the key win themes for the tender response.

Systematiq provides a highly structured approach to developing clients’ executive summaries, focusing on the benefits to the customer, the solution and proof points to the value proposition articulated.

The Systematiq team collaborated with WWS to thoroughly understand the organisation’s unique strengths, business offerings, and brand. Systematiq team members, Brydon Johnson and Sascha Sinclair, took the existing themes and developed them into value propositions which encapsulated how WWS would deliver the required VPC services and what separated their proposal from the competition.

“Brydon and I were invited to an initial kick-off meeting by WWS,” said Sascha Sinclair, Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager at Systematiq.

“We were able to talk to them about our approach and show them some examples of previous executive summaries we had developed for clients.”

This methodical and tailored approach impressed WWS and gave them greater confidence in their tender submission.

“The result was impressive and helped lift the quality of our submission from just another response to WOW,” said Peter Ferry, Manager of National Business Development at WWS.

Systematiq were also pleased with the result, being able to produce the executive summary in a tight timeframe without impacting on WWS’s already stressed and overloaded bid team.

“Overall we were really happy with the result, as it elevated the response for WWS significantly,” said Sascha.

“It gave them the confidence that they had a strong submission that would help shape their future business development approach.”

Delivering under pressure

When Systematiq came on board for the project, the tender period had already commenced. As time was of the essence, WWS quickly brought the Systematiq team up to speed and the initial outline and draft of the Executive Summary was put together in under two days.

To enable the most efficient response for WWS, Systematiq’s bid writer, Brydon, developed the final copy for review by WWS while Graphic Designer Sascha developed a final version of the Executive Summary. The entire process took less than one calendar week!

“I was really impressed by how quickly Brydon and Sascha were able to come up to speed with our response and put together a high-quality visual proposal overview that captured our value proposition,” said Mr Ferry.

“Both Brydon and Sascha were very responsive and really worked quickly given the stage of the response we were at when they were engaged.”

Achieving the winning outcome

At the time of writing, WWS are in the process of negotiations with Daimler on the outcome of their submission.

“Having worked with the Systematiq team, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to our other units to assist on their other responses,” said Mr Ferry.

When seeking a customer-focused approach to tender submissions then look no further than Systematiq. If your Executive Summary needs a unique edge, please contact us to discuss your project further.