Demonstrates supportability engineering and was well received by CASG.

The Customer’s Challenge

The MoTeC Vehicle Data Management System (VDMS) has been fitted into the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) Mercedes-Benz GWagon vehicles. MoTeC now needed to turn the captured data into useful fleet management information that could be provided to the fleet managers of the G-Wagon to enable them to make better informed decisions about the life cycle costs of the G-Wagon fleet.


MoTeC called upon Systematiq’s Richard De Nardi and Nicole Snyder to help with the analysis of captured data and to turn this data into useful fleet information for the Commonwealth.

A series of metrics was developed by Systematiq to present insights into vehicle usage, vehicle health and driver behaviour, all important issues for the ADF’s decision makers.


Richard and Nicole had to set up a reporting framework and co-host workshops to understand the ADF’s expected outcomes from the project. Data was collected monthly from 23 vehicles at Puckapunyal and analysed trends into fleet use and vehicle rotation, estimated usage costs, fuel efficiency and driver use on a variety of terrains.


The project provided recommendations into fleet management such as changing fleet numbers and servicing schedules that could save the ADF money.

As a result of the project and how well received the reports were from MoTeC, A second project was commenced that collects information from 50 vehicles at two locations to broaden the data set, Richard and Nicole were also involved in this project as well.