Our People

Our Vision and Mission

At Systematiq, our vision is to provide Pre-Contract and Project delivery Services to our clients to enable and enhance their business success. Our mission is to become a trusted partner to our clients with the successful delivery of these services to help them move forward with their projects.

At Systematiq we are passionate about our values and the people who work with us. Our team are those who share similar values and what we bring to our clients.

Our People

Director of Strategy and Projects

Brydon Johnson

Director of Capability

Richard De Nardi

Director of Business Development

Greig Hutton

Project Director and Business Development, Rail

Darren Will

Bids and Proposals Manager

Sarah Norton

Business Development Consultant

Erin O'Brien

Business Development Consultant

Jordan A'vard

Brand and Marketing Manager

Sascha Sinclair

Integrated Logistics Group Manager

Chris Cyc

Systems Engineering Group Manager

Barry Johnson

Training Systems Group Manager

Sam Goodman

Support Services Group Manager

Kathy Johnson

Regional Manager ACT

Andrew Harvey

Regional Manager QLD

Paul Gibbs

Program Director

Peter Weir

Program Director

Tony Sloss

Training Systems Consultant

Scott Clothier