Having been a provider of power generation systems for the Australian Defence Force for more than 25 years, Eniquest prides themselves on producing and supplying quality Australian made products. Faced with the challenge of submitting their first ASDEFCON Complex Procurement Proposal, Eniquest contracted Systematiq to ensure that they could rise to the challenge of the LAND 8140 Tender.

By utilising Systematiq’s expert communication skills, proven professional abilities and trusted experience, Eniquest delivered a sophisticated solution to the Defence request for tender. By creating a cohesive value proposition in collaboration with Systematiq, Eniquest captured their win themes and produced an engaging response which reflected the quality of their products.

Communication is key

Systematiq knows from experience that clear communication between collaborating teams is necessary when completing any project. When faced with the challenges created by COVID-19, prioritising communication became crucial to the success of Eniquest’s proposal.

Due to the lockdown restrictions, Systematiq were unable to meet face to face with Eniquest and had to rely on technology to ensure a consistent line of communication. The implementation of Microsoft Teams by Eniquest enabled the transition to a virtual working environment, and was worth the investment.

This open communication became the catalyst for the success of the project. Using this communication platform, Eniquest and Systematiq could prepare, review and deliver the required documents. Systematiq Project Manager, Craig Byrne developed a plan, delegating tasks and providing specific deadlines which resulted in the response being completed both on time and in compliance with Defence’s needs.

Eniquests’ General Manager, Don Pulver, acknowledged Systematiq as the driving force in completing the response.

“Thank you Craig [Byrne] for your relentlessness. I have truly witnessed your professional ability and am humbled to have you as such a passionate ambassador for Eniquest.

“You were the driver for producing this outstanding submission and you should be very proud of your achievement,” Mr Pulver said.

Articulating the strengths

On top of the time pressures, Eniquest were also confronted by the enormity of the ASDEFCON Complex Procurement Proposal. The LAND 8140 Tender Documentation consisted of 99 documents containing over 2000 pages of information! The magnitude of the project was initially daunting for Eniquest, but they were convinced by Systematiq that the necessary support structure was in place and the tender was worth pursuing.

Working with Systematiq, Eniquest could understand the intricate requirements of the tender and were provided with resources to aid the preparation process. Systematiq was able to distinguish and articulate Eniquest’s points of difference. This expertise was further developed with the open communication network which allowed Systematiq to thoroughly understand Eniquest’s brand, values and unique competitive edge.

The process of collating the response was highly beneficial for Eniquest, with Mr Pulver stating it was a great journey and a relationship that will be valued well into the future.

“We are very fortunate to have teamed up with such a professional and talented organisation.”

Trust built on experience

Trust was a key aspect in the project as Eniquest had placed the responsibility of delivering the largest tender response in their history into the hands of Systematiq. 

Eniquest was confident in their choice of Systematiq as Mr Byrne was familiar with the company and products due to his work in the ADF. His in-depth knowledge of Defence requirements and procurement processes was invaluable as it helped to ensure the tender response successfully fit the criteria and rose above its competitors.

“I relied on the faith that Eniquest had placed in my ability. My previous knowledge of the company allowed me to handle the pressure involved and enjoy the experience,” Mr Byrne said.

Ready to rise to your next challenge?

Thanks to Systematiq, Eniquest submitted a response to LAND 8140 Request for Tender which successfully distinguished their point of difference and highlighted the value of their products. Eniquest were extremely proud of their submission and acknowledged the team effort.

If you are an SME looking to respond to a tender, but lacking the internal capacity, then rise to the challenge by partnering with Systematiq. Contact us to find out more.