Showcasing how Systematic works on Pre-Contract Capabilities – Accessing supplier capabilities and aligning them with requirements for Defence projects.

The Customer’s Challenge

To conduct a quick environmental scan of Geelong based businesses, education institutions and infrastructure in order to better understand major players and our key assets that can or could make the Geelong region attractive to Defence including the Defence Primes.


The City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) is seeking to build a Defence sector hub in the Geelong region. Acteon has been providing guidance and assistance with this goal. With this specific task, a local resource able to successfully engage with industry and a deep understanding of Defence was required.

Systematiq was engaged to assist Acteon as a local presence in Geelong to work with the client on behalf of Acteon.


Systematiq’s John O’Brien met with the client directly to understand the requirements and limitations of the task. John then reviewed the list of local organisations that were already known to CoGG and then updated and added to the list. John met with a number of major stakeholders such as the Geelong Defence Alliance, Engineering Geelong and the Committee for Geelong. John communicated with the organisations on the list assessed as being most Defence ready to discuss the long term aims of the project.


The environmental scan was delivered to Enterprise Geelong Opportunity (within the City of Greater Geelong) and was able to be used to shape planning for invitations to the Avalon Airshow 2017 and as preparation for the next stage of the project.