Working for Systematiq

Do you want to work in a dynamic environment that offers flexibility, rewarding career opportunities and pathways? Consider a career with Systematiq. Our people are our business, and we are always looking for individuals who embody our values and work to ensure our customers achieve their outcomes. Contact us today or apply for one of the current positions listed here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Where is Systematiq based/located?

Level 4, 95 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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What benefits does Systematiq provide?

Systematiq provides benefits such as flexible working arrangements, and computer equipment to enable working remotely. We also offer access to an Employee Assistance Program, training and career development pathways, and professional memberships to encourage industry and peer engagement.

Does Systematiq provide training?

Systematiq provides general training through an online skills development portal, as well as individual training plans depending on the needs of the individual.

What career development opportunities does Systematiq provide?

Systemaitq employs a robust career development framework that incorporates a Position Description against core competencies, a development pathway for career progression, and individual development plans set up with your manager.

What are the working arrangements? Is WFH an option?

Systematiq is committed to providing a flexible workplace, which may include:

  • Working from home
  • Working hours
  • Compressed hours being where the employee works additional daily hours to provide for a shorter working week or fortnight

Do I have to have prior experience in Defence, Rail & Transportation and/or Infrastructure sector to work with Systematiq?

No, you don’t need prior experience in the sectors we work in. We look for suitable candidates who can demonstrate the applicable skills, relevant experience, and a willingness to learn. We also look for a good cultural fit – someone who will work well within our team.

What is Systematiq's organisational structure?

Systematiq operates under 3 main departments:

  • Pre-Contracts Services that includes Business Development, Project Procurement, proposals, Marketing and Brand Management.
  • Contract Delivery that includes Systems Engineering, Integrated Logistics, Pre-Contract Management, project Management and training Systems
  • Finance and Operations that includes Business Management, Finance Management, IT and Security, HR and Quality. Learn More