Systematiq provide Bid Management Support to Cablex in their response to a Defence Prime Contractor for a new Maritime Program.

The Victorian Government has initiated a voucher program enabling SMEs to access funding to become more productive, employ more people, improve market access and in general, increase their scale, diversity and profitability.

According to the State Government, in the longer term the Boost Your Business Vouchers will help grow the Victorian economy by supporting Victorian businesses grow in diversity and innovation, become attractive to foreign investment, and provide increased market access.

As part of this program, Systematiq are an approved supplier for pre-contract services, including bid and proposal management. We’ve been able to assist SME’s such as Cablex – a successful Victorian manufacturer that provides technological solutions to a number of industries. 

Systematiq has been providing Cablex with pre-contract support since 2015. During that time, Cablex has experienced significant growth.

The Customer’s Challenge

Due to this rapid growth, Cablex experienced difficulty responding to some of the more complex RFQs and RFTs they were receiving. They received a great opportunity with a large Defence Prime to support their proposal for a Defence Maritime Program, through accessing their global supply chain for wiring harnesses.  

Cablex needed to put together a high quality submission to the Prime contractor to outline the value of including an Australian based supplier to their supply chain for the provision of wiring harnesses for the program and the opportunity to supply other nations.

Cablex spoke with Systematiq about how best to support the project: How Systematiq could provide support in creating a quality response; and how Systematic could help grow the tender response capability within Cablex itself.

Solution & Implementation

Through the Victorian Government B2B Boost your Business Voucher Program, Cablex was able to obtain government assistance to help with the cost of engaging Systematiq to support the tender response.

The task involved providing a mix of bid support and engineering to help Cablex with developing a solution to best outline their value proposition and develop bid processes that Cablex could use in the future.

A team of practitioners from Systematiq were allocated to assist Cablex, including: 

  • An experienced Bid and proposal manager to help with establishing the bid program; 
  • An experienced Systems Engineer to help with how to define the solution;
  • An estimator to help with how to build and populate the Work Breakdown Structure and WBS; and
  • A Graphic Artist to help with the branding and graphics used in the response.


Through their response, Cablex were able to successfully demonstrate to the Defence Prime, their value as a global supplier.

Through the use of the Victorian Government Voucher, Cablex were able to receive some financial assistance for the support provided, which helped to ensure that Systematiq could dedicate the right mix of capabilities and resources to help submit a high-quality response.

Peerless consultancy for pre-contract solutions

Systematiq provides a deep level of understanding of our customers and their unique business challenges. Our consultants are proactive in problem solving and relationship management to ensure we deliver the outcomes our customers require.

Brydon Johnson, Systematiq’s director of business development said, “Through the support of the Victorian Government and the B2B voucher program, we were able to bring a group of experienced practitioners to support Cablex in such a way to help Cablex complete the tender response and develop a proposal management capability.

If your organisaton requires expertise in proposal management or improving your tender responses, now is the time to access the Victorian Government B2B voucher program. Please contact us to discuss further.


“Being able to access Victorian Government support for the development of our response on a major opportunity was an excellent way to ensure our response was complete, compliant and outlined Cablex’s value as a global supplier. 

“The Boost Your Business Voucher Program helps SMEs access the support required without placing a large financial burden on cashflow. Working with Systematiq has meant that we have continued to grow our relationship beyond just providing support services to helping our business grow capabilities that will make us more competitive in the future.”

Tim Cadman, Group Manager, Business Development with Cablex