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Bids, Proposals, and Tender Writing Services: Your Key to Success in the Defence and Rail Industries

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In the complex landscapes of the Defence and Rail sectors, securing a bid proposal or winning a tender often rests on industry-specific requirements. At Systematiq, we harness our expertise to provide best-practice bid, proposal and tender writing services, moving your projects forward and propelling your business to success. 

Our services

Bid and Proposal Writing

Our team of proposal experts will help you craft compelling bids that highlight your capabilities and align with the requirements of the tender. The importance of a well-written bid proposal cannot be overstated, as it is your opportunity to not only demonstrate your ability to deliver to the requirements, but differentiate your company from your competitors by creating a compelling value proposition. Our service includes a comprehensive review of the tender requirements, a clear and concise writing style aimed at the target audience, and a persuasive presentation of your capabilities.  

Bids and Proposals Consultation

We provide consultation services to guide you through the process of preparing bids and proposals. This includes understanding the tender requirements, developing a winning strategy, and reviewing and refining your submissions. Our consultation services are essential for enhancing your chances of success in the highly competitive bidding process.    

ASDEFCON Expertise

With a strong track record in delivering successful Defence projects, we have a strong understanding of working within the Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) framework, ensuring our client proposals are both compliant with the framework and aligned to the Tender Data Requirements for Defence. Our expert Pre-Contracts team have extensive experience in researching, writing and editing tender responses and proposals for government and commercial contracts using proven methods such as Shipley Associates.   

Executive Summary Production

An executive summary is often the first thing potential clients read in your proposal. Our team produces specialised Executive Summaries with visual design and video elements, ensuring your executive summary is concise, compelling, and effectively communicates the key value proposition and win themes of your proposal.   

Campaign and Capture Planning

We are experts at the development of capture plans that identify business opportunities, articulate win themes, address potential weaknesses, understand competitor strategies and how to win business.   

Procurement Consulting

We enable sound decision making by providing expertise to help you structure your contracts. From writing the Statement of Work to managing the delivery of requirements against a contract, we can help with the writing of contract documents for the engagement of suppliers on major programs and managing the delivery of contracted products or services. 

Services include:
• Data collection and analysis
• Business case development
• Risk analysis
• Requirements report
• Supplier selection and qualification
• Contract development and management
• Australian Industry Capability (AIC) and Local Industry Development (LID) plans
• Social procurement plans. 

Market Analysis and Strategy

We create sophisticated market analysis reports, identification of key programs, projects and competitors that identify your business planning for new markets. We design and develop strategies to assist with positioning existing products or services. 

Benefits to our Clients

Systematiq acknowledges that a winning bid proposal extends beyond provision of a compliant submission. It requires a deep understanding of our client’s value proposition and business goals, the foresight to anticipate our clients’ needs, and adherence to industry best practices. 

The Systematiq team comprises highly qualified consultants who offer a unique perspective on our clients’ requirements and business processes. This insight enables them to provide tailored bid proposal services that align with strategic objectives and surpass industry standards. 

Particularly, in challenging sectors like Defence and Rail, securing tenders can be competitive and challenging. Systematiq excels in tender writing services, crafting detailed and compelling submissions that articulate our clients’ strengths, with a deep understanding of the end recipient’s concerns. 

What sets Systematiq apart is its comprehensive suite of professional consulting services, spanning the entire project lifecycle. From strategy development and procurement to project management, delivery, and training systems, they offer a one-stop solution. This also provides a unique understanding of delivery requirements that can be weaved into a tender submission. 

Systematiq takes pride in its flexibility and scalability, tailoring services to meet specific needs, whether it’s a single proposal or a complete overhaul of a bidding strategy. 

Systematiq strive to deliver innovative solutions, enhancing our clients’ capabilities and propelling their projects forward. Our bid and proposal writing services aim to secure sustainable outcomes for businesses. 

Contact Systematiq today to strengthen your bid proposal and tender strategy. 

Our team

Systematiq was formed through a partnership between two ex-serving members of the ADF. It has since grown to include ex-Defence members across all serving departments at all levels. We actively encourage career pathways for those who are transitioning out of their Defence careers and provide opportunities to stay connected through our Defence projects. We also encourage diversity through our employment program and welcome people with a mix of experience and backgrounds as this ensures we have a balanced and highly skilled team across all our services.

Our staff have a demonstrated knowledge of how Defence procurement, program delivery and sustainment work from the key decision makers, down to the ‘boots on the ground’. This gives us a unique advantage in understanding how to approach Defence tenders and proposals in order to link Defence industry with business opportunities.

Our Pre-Contracts team include Sarah Norton, Liana Tucker, and Victor Zhang.

Bids and Proposals Manager

Sarah Norton

Bid and Tender Consultant

Liana Tucker

Bid Assistant

Victor Zhang

Bids, Proposals and Tender Writing Projects


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Companies we have worked with

What Our Clients Say

Systematiq were instrumental in the successful outcome of our CDIC grant application. Their market analysis and strategic advice, along with their assistance with the technical submission meant that we were assured of a compliant application that clearly outlined our pricing and delivery strategy as well as the benefits to the Commonwealth and industry.

Harry Hickling

Harry Hickling

Managing Director, Australian Performance Vehicles Pty Ltd

Systematiq fielded an extremely professional, competent and skilled team who were across both the subject matter and Commonwealth requirements. Systematiq maintain subject matter expertise in project scheduling, costing, risk and hazard management, proposals and bid compilation and report presentation graphics. Their experience within multiple industry sectors enables them to quickly and efficiently identify appropriate design, fabrication, test and manufacturing entities where specialist sub-contracting capabilities are required. Systematiq are the real deal, significantly contributing towards the Australian Governments Sovereign Industry and Innovation efforts at SME level.

Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald


I have been impressed by Systematiq’s ability to provide not only PMO and technical support, but with strategic advice and highly effective pre-contract services including marketing and procurement strategy, and tender management.  The ability to mobilise a team and guide us through the ASDEFCON tender requirements meant that we were able to submit an extremely compelling RFI and subsequent RFT to the Commonwealth. We look forward to a continued working relationship.

Jack Kormas

Jack Kormas

MD, Textron Systems Australia



ASDEFCON stands for Australian Standard for Defence Contracting. Designed to standardise and benchmark business procedures, each Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) template is tailored for a specific procurement need and profile.

Why hire consultants to help us write bids and proposal documents when we can do it ourselves?

Many companies underestimate the resources and time it takes to develop a detailed and compliant proposal. If it is an ASDEFCON proposal or specific Government tender, you will be required to provide technical documentation to support your proposal that you may not have the skills to provide. We are specialists in the bid and tender writing and management, with subject-matter experts who have a track record in delivering successful outcomes for our clients, while they concentrate on what they do best in their organisation.

What is included in Pre-Contracts work?

A Pre-Contracts team provides services to support industry and government projects still in their procurement phase.

For industry, this can be activities like market analysis and strategy, including stakeholder and competitor analysis. It can also include market entry plans, to help companies understand channels to market or what sorts of goods and services are in demand.

For governments, pre-contract support could include market research, business case writing, or even developing Request for Tender material.

Systematiq’s Pre-Contracts team specialises in helping clients put together complex government tender responses. Our services in this area include:

  • Campaign and capture planning, including resourcing, documentation and timelines
  • Tender and proposal management
  • Tender and proposal writing, editing and graphics
  • Defence Entry Analysis including Defence and capability mapping
  • Grant and funding proposals including CDIC Innovation Hub and SCIP grants
  • Australia Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON)
  • Marketing, branding and graphic design, including website, content and social media strategy

One of our strengths is our executive summaries, which have been sought out by many clients for their compelling visual and multimedia appeal.

What is an Executive Summary and why do I need one?

An Executive Summary is a summarised version of a proposal or submission, that articulates your Value Proposition and Win Themes, to discriminate you from your competitors. It highlights your proposal to key stakeholders and is used to enforce your brand and these key details.

How to ensure compliance with Defence Procurement Guidelines

Systematiq has considerable experience and demonstrated success in aligning to the Commonwealth’s expectations, which are generally unwritten, as well as their requirements, which are comprehensive.

Systematiq does this in a specific manner which demonstrates compliance and has lived experience in Defence Contracts to ensure our clients meet these requirements. However, the Defence Procurement Guidelines (DPG) are more of an internal Defence obligation. In other words, they are designed for internal use. Systematiq levers on this and provides compliance for both sides of the contract.

Systematiq assists clients to comply with the latest release of the DPG, released on 13 June 2023. Organisations such as Systematiq, Primes and SMEs just need to comply with their contract. The contract has the support system specifications contained within it. By complying to the contract, the contractor will, by default, comply with the Defence Procurement Guidelines. This will provide the Commonwealth with confidence in our clients and ensure positive outcomes in future contracts.

What is Capture Planning and why is it important?

Capture Planning is often overlooked but critical to success for businesses planning to submit a tender or provide services to Government projects. Capture planning will ensure you have done the background work to determine critical success factors within your organisation, and make sure you have undertaken the correct planning to position yourself in a strong position for consideration by Defence and Rail stakeholders.

To discuss how we can assist you with our bids, proposals and tender writing services