Systematiq expands its footprint with a new office in Brisbane’s CBD.

Systematiq is pleased to announce we are open for business with a second office location now open in Brisbane’s CBD.

With state and federal funding for major Defence, Rail and Infrastructure programs increasing, there is no denying how important the advanced manufacturing sector is becoming in all regions of Australia to providing skills and workforces for these vital projects.

As a consulting firm that is people-driven, the way we build confidence with our clients is by being responsive and accessible. Our quest to grow our capability, service and our footprint has led us to expand in order to be closer to our clients and tap into growing opportunities.

“With our growing national presence, we have seen an increase in opportunities for our clients. Our expansion has allowed us to spend more time with our clients, provide better support and build trust. It has allowed us to better understand their capability gaps leading to more opportunities,” said Greig Hutton, Systematiq’s account manager for defence.

While we were at the recent defence industry Land Forces conference and expo in October, we took the opportunity to officially open our Brisbane office to staff, clients, and partners. It was great to unwind after a few very busy days and meet face to face with our Brisbane people. 

Systematiq’s directors, group leads, business development and account managers all took the time to fly in and help launch our satellite site, along with our local team and Queensland Regional Manager, Paul Gibbs. 

“The key focus for us,” said Paul, “is to provide face-to-face support to our local Queensland clients. Even in a post-Covid world, being physically present is an important element in forming and maintaining strong working relationships.”

For Brydon Johnson, our Director of Strategy and Projects creating a strong team culture brings benefits to the business as well as to our clients: “Having teams located in different regions enables us to work closely with our clients. It makes sense that we start to provide regional offices that allow our teams to remain connected to each other as well. 

“Building a cohesive team is one of our key objectives and having a place the team can come together makes forming relationships that much easier. For our team in Queensland, it also demonstrates that we see a bright future for the Queensland Rail and Defence market, and we look forward to working with our clients on the range of diverse projects we’ll be tackling.”

Ben Burrows, our Director of Projects, and has a number of staff located in SE Queensland, managing large defence projects.

“From a project management point of view the Brisbane office allows the local project managers to come together as required and support each other with various levels or expertise and knowledge able to be easily shared. It means a broader network of close support for PMs working on complex projects that will enable enhanced delivery and better outcomes for our clients.”

So, it’s good news all round for our local team, projects, and especially our clients. We’re looking forward to blue skies ahead.

Systematiq recently published an article in Manufacturer’s Monthly Magazine on our regional expansion and new office opening in Brisbane. Read more here.