PFG, an Australian-owned company with more than 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and distributing custom engineered polymers and composite material products globally, saw an opportunity to enter the Australian defence industry.

Responding to the Commonwealth of Australia’s call for capability from Australian and New Zealand industry providers, PFG sought to design, manufacture, test, and deliver a fleet of ADF sea boats for the defence industry.

PFG’s Sentinel family of sea boats incorporate a high-density polyethylene hull which is hard to break, easy to repair and includes safety features that protect operators from fatigue and reduce the risk of injury.

Systematiq provided PFG with expertise in the ASDEFCON tender process, including tender reviews, developing key documents, and advisory services as part of an integrated project team known as Team Sentinel.

Full-fledged Creative Support for Video and Executive Summary Development

One standout aspect of Systematiq’s contribution was the development of an executive summary and video to complement PFG’s bid proposal. These items succinctly conveyed PFG’s readiness to supply seaboats to the ADF, addressing key win themes and value proposition.

Recognising the need for visual aids to support the extensive written proposal Systematiq proposed and delivered a graphical executive summary and comprehensive video summarising PFG’s advantages, manufacturing process, and partnerships. This provided assets that could then be used in further stakeholder conversations and business
development opportunities.

Systematiq’s Creative Services was mobilised to create a set of visual and multimedia assets to support the proposal. This included not only the development of tailored graphics, but also 3D models, animations, scripts, voiceover work, and even live video footage, which was resourced through remote collaboration and coordination with a production company for on-site filming.

The project delivered a strong visual solution, resulting in a product aligned with the bid’s objectives and audience.

Sam Duncan, Systematiq bid consultant and project lead of the video development team, emphasised the importance of maintaining client focus on the video’s purpose and audience throughout the iterative process:

“Some key capabilities which were critical to the project’s success: included maintaining a strong client relationship, the ability to remain agile through iterations, and adapt to last minute changes to achieve the end goal.”

Watch the result here: PFG Sentinal RFT Explainer video (

A Comprehensive Bid through Multi-disciplined Systematiq Effort

The collaborative efforts of PFG, subcontractors, and Systematiq resulted in the development of a comprehensive RFT response. Leveraging a diverse skill set, Systematiq contributed to the evolution of the response, including TDR development, pricing, risk assessment, and support services.

Confidence in the product and collaboration within Team Sentinel facilitated concurrent bidding on a second project (NZDF RFT). Systematiq’s Creative Services involvement extended to creating a second video, highlighting PFG’s capabilities to potential evaluators and clients.

Currently, the evaluation result for the Seaboats tender is still pending.

Creative and Capability Enhancement for Local Australian Business

Systematiq remains committed to enhancing clients’ tender submissions through our team of writers, designers, and video production professionals.

Our expertise ensures compelling and effective assets to support bid proposals, maximising our clients’ chances of success.

Contact us to learn how we can add creative value to your industry projects and move your business forward today.