The Australian rail industry is a diverse and competitive sector that is constantly evolving to meet the demands of an ever-modernising population. As an industry that faces strict deadlines and significant pressure from stakeholders, rail companies often require support to meet the challenges that stem from delivering high-value, complex projects.

This is especially prominent in the Pre-Contracts phase of a project, where rail businesses may lack the specialised capability necessary to respond to tenders and win work.

Systematiq plays a crucial role in providing this essential Pre-Contracts expertise, along with project management, engineering, and logistical support during the delivery of the project itself. Through our support, we ensure that rail businesses are well equipped to navigate complex tender processes and deliver compelling solutions.

Systematiq has been instrumental in supporting rail businesses like Downer and Marand, bolstering their pre-contract capabilities and driving success.

Embedding expertise to win contracts: Downer and the QTMP

Downer, a leading provider of rollingstock asset management services in Australia, is currently delivering Queensland Train Manufacturing Program (QTMP). During the pre-contracts phase, specialised support was required to develop a proposed solution for the maintenance facility that would form a part of the QTMP. With a requirement for overflow resources, Downer turned to Systematiq for support.

The Downer bid team required assistance in interpreting the functional and performance requirements set by the Queensland Government for the Rail maintenance facility, necessitating the input of specialised knowledge from expert systems engineering practitioners.

Systematiq promptly identified the need and deployed an experienced Systems Engineer, who was embedded into the Downer team. Working both on-site and off-site, the engineer seamlessly integrated with the existing personnel and took the lead on the maintenance aspects of the solution, serving as a key point of contact that could then liaise with the broader bid team to ensure a consistent approach to the tender response.

Through Systematiq’s provision of dedicated resources to contribute to the proposal, Downer was able to develop and submit a compliant solution that aligned with the project requirements, which ultimately led to them winning the contract and delivering the QTMP.

Specialised proposal support: Marand, Atlas Rail, and Aurizon

Marand is an Australian-based company that supplies precision-engineered solutions across the globe for various industries, including rail. Their Rail Processing equipment brand, Atlas Rail, sought Systematiq’s assistance in responding to Aurizon’s Request for Tender (RFT) for a new Wheelset processing plant in Mackay, North Queensland.

With a predominantly technical team, Atlas Rail lacked the expertise required to craft a compelling proposal that effectively communicated their value proposition. Systematiq addressed this gap by
providing a lead tender writer, who spearheaded the development of a succinct executive summary that captured Atlas’ strengths and value proposition. Additionally, Systematiq supported Atlas in creating case studies and managing the extensive array of deliverables demanded by the RFT.

The collaboration between Atlas Rail and Systematiq was successful, positioning Atlas Rail favourably in the selection process. Thanks to the professional and meticulous approach facilitated by Systematiq, Atlas Rail successfully advanced to negotiations with Calibre for the project. The positive outcome not only underscored Systematiq’s contribution, but also laid the groundwork for potential future collaborations.

Alex Lyon, Business Development Manager at Marand, commented that he “sincerely enjoyed working with Systematiq, and would adopt a similar model on future opportunities.”

Partnering with rail collaborators for success: SCG and V/Line

V/Line is the statutory authority that operates rail and coach services across regional Victoria. Their panel released a tender for the provision of professional services, which Systematiq responded to.

In order to bid for this work, Systematiq resourced an internal team of experienced bid writers and rail experts to develop the proposal that included articulating our win themes and unique value proposition as well as putting together an executive summary that outlined our capabilities and past experience.

In addition, to develop a technically compliant and effective solution, Systematiq partnered with its rail project partner, the Strategic Connections Group (SCG) in order to strengthen the submission with relevant case studies and work history.

Systematiq’s experience in bidding, combined with a solution architect culminated in the development of a response that was both comprehensive and compelling. This was delivered remotely but collaboratively and while working on other client tasks during a period of lockdown.

Our Bid Manager, Sarah Norton, commented on the synergies between defence and rail tender responses: “Whilst the language and terminology across industries might be different, the problems we try to resolve and the process to undertake this is very similar.

“In fact we are able to utilise defence project management methodology and processes to incorporate real efficiency to both our pre-contract and contract delivery expertise.”

Specialised consultants to keep rail businesses moving forward

The success stories of Systematiq’s collaboration and partnership with leading rail companies stand as testament to the effectiveness of Systematiq’s support in the rail industry.

Systematiq is a valuable ally for rail businesses, offering tailored support that enhances their capabilities, streamlines the bidding process, and ultimately drives success in the winning and delivering of significant rail projects.

As the rail industry continues to evolve and qualified experienced resources remain scarce, Systematiq remains at the forefront, empowering businesses to overcome challenges and seize opportunities with confidence.

Systematiq’s highly qualified consultants are ready to support your next rail project. Contact us today to learn how we can keep you and your business moving forward.