AIDN’s Claire Willette giving the introduction on the day

AIDN Briefing held on the 16th of October 2018.

Preparing SMEs for doing business with Defence

The Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN) Victorian branch recently conducted an information briefing session for SMEs on how to do better business with Defence. The brief was aimed at helping SMEs navigate their way in Defence andprovide some basic information on how to become ready to deal with Defence.

The day was chaired by AIDN Victoria’s CEO, Ms. Claire S. Willette who has over 25 years experience in dealing with Defence and Government business. Claire put together an agenda for the day that included an overview to dealing with Defence, how to manage your cashflow and some advice about how to deal with aspects such as IP and import/export control. The event was hosted by BDO Lawyers at their offices in the Docklands.

As a part of the briefing, Systematiq’s Brydon Johnson was invited to present to the forum and formed a key part of outlining some of the fundametals about doing business with Defence.

During the Day, Brydon covered a number of topics, including the various groups that the Department of Defence have, so as to ensure SMEs were targeting the right areas that match their capabilities and provided a number of resources to the forum, such as how to navigate through the Integrated Investment Program (IIP) from Defence that outlines the priories for projects to be conducted.

The day was well attended by the SME community with over 30 companies represented. At the end of the event, there was the opportunity for networking and the chance to look at opportunities to collaborate with the various organisations.