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Navigating the complexities of the rail industry can be quite challenging. Systematiq provides expertise to Operators, Maintainers, Constructors, and Asset Managers in the Light, Passenger, and Construction sectors of the Rail industry. 

We provide flexible and scalable project management and support across each of the phases of your project lifecycle with services including bid and tender writing, project management, systems engineering and assurance, asset management, supply chain development and local industry development capability. 

For the rail industry, we supply time and materials, but predominantly fixed price delivery of services, to fulfil capacity capability in specialist areas. 



Partnering with Systematiq

As your trusted partner in rail consulting services, Systematiq is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the rail sector. Our experience, attention to detail and robust knowledge of industry-leading practices ensure that our clients achieve their strategic objectives. We provide innovative solutions to your problems, boost your capability and keep your projects moving forward. 
Systematiq – Your strategic partner in overcoming rail sector challenges. 

Bids, Proposals & Tender Writing

Project Management

Systems Engineering

Integrated Logistics Support

Training Implementation & Delivery

Marketing & Creative Services

Key Challenges of Rail

The rail industry in Australia grapples with numerous challenges due to a decentralised approach to the network development: 

  • Maintenance hurdles: from sourcing to delivery, maintenance problems can drain resources and complicate procurement processes. 
  • Legacy systems: modernising supply chains and operating environments from legacy operations is a significant challenge for many large rail operators. 
  • Decentralised control: rail networks across the country suffer from interoperability challenges due to a lack of centralised track and infrastructure standards and systems. 
  • Public procurement shifts: transitioning from government-based maintenance to public procurement introduces a new set of challenges. 
  • Supply chain bottlenecks: a myriad of issues impacts every stage of the supply chain, disrupting operations and construction projects. 
  • Skills Shortage: a considerable skills gap in the rail industry hampers the smooth delivery of necessary infrastructure. 

Systematiq - Your Solution to Rail Industry Challenges

Systematiq provides support designed to address these challenges head-on: 

  • Bid, Proposal and Tender Writing:  

Our highly qualified team of tender writing specialists have a demonstrated understanding of Rail procurement processes. We can provide support at any stage of your bid or tender, with scalable resources to suit your needs. 

  • Local Industry Capability and Local Industry Development: 

We provide expertise in planning, developing, and implementing your entire Local Industry Development Plan (LIDP). From your initial strategy development and project planning; the face-to-face engagement with suppliers and the representation of your organisation; the writing of a detailed and thorough plan; through to facilitation and implementation, and ongoing reporting requirements. 

  • Project Procurement Support 

We help forge robust relationships with suppliers and streamline the procurement process. Our procurement specialists lend expertise to supply chain development and local industry development plans. 

  • Best Practice Implementation 

Our systems engineering and asset management services enable organisations to adopt industry best practices seamlessly. Across systems engineering, we provide services such as the development of verification and validation programs, to risk and hazard management. For asset management, we provide services such as Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) consulting, Logistics Support Analysis, and Through Life Capability Management. 

  • Bridging the Skills Gap 

Through our flexible and scalable consulting services we are able to provide support through the life of your project based on your needs. Our team of qualified and experienced rail practitioners can embed in your organisation or work remotely. 

  • Upskilling our workforce 

Through our high-level training design, development and implementation and delivery services, we bridge the skills gap in the rail industry by providing training programs that meet your organisation’s needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What specific areas of Rail does Systematiq specialise in?

Systematiq provides expertise to Operators, Maintainers, Constructors, and Asset Managers in the Light, Passenger, and Construction sectors of the Rail industry. We provide flexible and scalable project management and support across each of the phases of your project life cycle. This includes: 

  • Project management
  • Systems engineering
  • Systems safety and assurance
  • Asset management and TSL
  • Tender and proposal writing
  • Marketing analysis and strategy

What has Systematiq done in rail?

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