Rail Consulting and Capabilities

Systematiq provides expertise to Operators, Maintainers, Constructors, and Asset Managers in the Light, Passenger, and Construction sectors of the Rail industry.

We provide flexible and scalable project management and support across each of the phases of your project lifecycle, with our ability to deliver discrete work, and provision of overflow and flex resources.

Tender Writing and Project Procurement

- Tender writing, editing, and management- Market analysis and strategy- Campaign and capture planning- Executive overviews and marketing strategy- Project procurement


- Scheduling- Resource Planning- Work Breakdown and package development- Contract Management- Reporting

Systems Engineering and Assurance

- Systems Engineering Management Plans- Configuration management- Requirements management - Functional specification development- Contract deliverables planning and execution- Verification and Validation- Systems Assurance- Safety Assurance

Asset Management

- Reliability Availability Maintainability & Safety (RAMS) analysis- Reliability Centred Maintenance- Through Life Support- Logistics Support Analysis- Life Cycle Costing- Spares Assessment / Optimisation- Obsolescence Engineering- Equipment Utilisation Analysis, Technical Data (Manuals and Documentation), and equipment Disposal/End of Life

Supplier Development and Local Industry Development Capability

- State based plans- Local capability and content development plans and compliance- Contract preparation for supply chain partnership opportunities- SME local content compliance coaching and guidance

Rail Tender Writing and Project Procurement

Tender Writing and Project Procurement

Systematiq’s consultants have extensive experience in researching, writing and editing tender responses and proposals for government and commercial contracts using proven methods such as Shipley Associates. With a strong track record in delivering successful tenders, we ensure our client proposals are both compliant with the specific contract framework and aligned to the data requirements for the project.

We can provide support at any stage of your project, with scalable resources to suit your needs – from Bid Management, to editing and graphic design services. Contact our Business Development team to discuss how we can assist you with your Rail tender or proposal.

Market Analysis and Strategy

We create sophisticated market analysis reports, identification of key programs, projects and competitors that identify your business planning for new markets. We design and develop strategies to assist with positioning existing products or services.

Campaign and Capture Planning

We are experts at the development of capture plans that identify win themes, address potential weaknesses, understand competitor strategies and how to win business.

Executive Overviews and Marketing Strategy

We provide a highly structured, customer-focused approach to developing clients’ executive summaries. These documents elevate our clients’ brand and value proposition. They can accompany proposals or form part of a broader marketing campaign. We develop marketing strategies targeted to specific outcomes and to accommodate all budgets.

Rail Project Management

To ensure the successful delivery of your next rail project, our team can help you meet your contracted obligations and ensure you remain on track.

We deliver the full range of project management services including project planning, contract management, risk management and project closure.

Project Planning and Work Breakdown Structures

Our project management practitioners can help you to develop Work Breakdown Structures for your project to enable a better understanding of the project deliverables and outcomes.

Contract Master Schedule Development

We can support you in designing project master schedules can ensure project success with definition of key activities, resource allocation and bringing together key stakeholders.

Project Management Support and Contract Management

No project is the same and we offer flexible support with ad hoc rail project management assistance and rail contract support, through to project team leadership, reporting and progress meeting facilitation.

Project Status Reporting and Auditing

Our experience in project delivery can assist your organisation to determine if your project is progressing against what is scheduled or help you to understand where you are and what you have left to do to achieve the project objectives.


We ensure capability is available when you need it. Our team of experts can assist with all facets of supportability engineering and assurance including systems engineering. We can also assist with all facets of safety assurance including hazard capture and management, logistics support analysis, risk management, reliability, and safety reporting.

Systems Engineering Plans

We develop Systems Engineering plans that comply with the requirements of EIA632 and ISO 15288, which will help you to understand the process required to acquire and enter a new system into service. Our expertise includes the identification of configurable items, baseline establishment, management, control, reporting, and auditing.

We also develop verification (a test that it meets the requirements) and validation (demonstrating that this is what you wanted) programs to ensure that your new capability is what you described and will meet your needs. This may involve support activities including facilitating workshops and developing your technical staff’s knowledge of the FMEA/FMECA activity, how to implement the findings on your products, the provision of test plans, derivation of test documentation and verification matrix, test scheduling and execution (i.e., SE framework / SEMP creation, Configuration management, Derivation of requirements, SESA plans, RACI matrix).

Risk Management

Our team can provide So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable (SFAIRP) Risk Management, ensuring the sufficient identification of possible risks and a suitable risk assessment process.

Hazard Capture and Management (HAZLOGs and Risk Registers)

We can assist in developing Hazard Capture and Management plans to successfully identify, assess and control potential risks.

Asset Management

Systematiq experts provide Asset Management requirements to the rail industry across a number of disciplines:

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Consulting

We provide advice on implementing RCM within your organisation to ensure your maintenance resources and support networks are focused on doing the necessary maintenance actions to keep your assets operating effectively. Our practitioners also understand how to identify, analyse and execute risk control measures to ensure your organisation’s legislative, contractual and organisational requirements are met.

Logistics Support Analysis

Our practitioners can help you to understand and develop the technical elements of the Logistics Support Analysis that are crucial to realising the potential of your assets and control cost of ownership.

Through Life Capability Management

We can ensure that your organization’s inventory management, maintenance resources and supply chain are optimised to increase asset availability and minimise cost of ownership.

This can include condition based and reliability based maintenance strategy development, obsolescence planning and management and end of life/disposal planning.

Project Procurement

Our procurement support services enable sound decision making by providing expertise in data collection and analysis, business case development, risk analysis, supplier selection, contract development and management. From writing the Statement of Work to managing the delivery of requirements against a contract, we can help with the writing of contract documents for the engagement of suppliers on major programs and managing the delivery of contracted products or services.

Supplier Development and Local Industry Development Capability

With the new focus of State and Regional governments on Local Industry Capability (LIC) and Local Industry Development (LID), major procurement activities aim to capture a greater return on investment for local and regional areas through real value-for-money procurement that results in local investment in industry and jobs.

We provide expertise in planning, developing, and implementing your entire Local Industry Development Plan. From your initial strategy development and project planning; the face-to-face engagement with suppliers and the representation of your organisation; the writing of a detailed and thorough plan; through to facilitation and implementation, and ongoing reporting requirements.

We are highly experienced in supporting inbound or global organisations seeking local industry entry support including technology transfer, market analysis and on ground representation to your local customers and suppliers.

Capability and locations

Systematiq have specialisations in each of the Australian Eastern States and Territories, along with dedicated regional managers who have access to a range of our other capabilities through our national team.

What Our Clients Say

We create certainty, remove obstacles and increase capabilities to get our clients moving forward.

I have been impressed by Systematiq’s ability to provide not only PMO and technical support, but with strategic advice and highly effective pre-contract services including marketing and procurement strategy, and tender management.  The ability to mobilise a team and guide us through the ASDEFCON tender requirements meant that we were able to submit an extremely compelling RFI and subsequent RFT to the Commonwealth. We look forward to a continued working relationship.

Jack Kormas

Jack Kormas

MD, Textron Systems Australia

I engaged the services of Systematiq to assist me with addressing our requirements for RAM engineering on the new rolling stock project. Systematiq was able to provide me with access to RAM practitioners at short notice that enabled ensured I met the project deadlines for the new rolling stock project reviews.

Through the engagement, I found the Systematiq staff to be helpful and integrated easily into our existing project team. Their responsiveness ensured I didn’t suffer any schedule delay due to the RAM requirements.

Richard Rao

Richard Rao

GM Systems Integration (HCMT), Major Projects, 

Systematiq were engaged to support my team with the compilation of the TfNSW Bus Procurement Panel, based upon their previous assistance to our response to the WA PTA Bus Tender.
The team were a real pleasure to deal with and integrated well into our existing team. They were able to come up to speed quickly with the task at hand and helped to direct our team so that we were able to make the extremely tight deadline.
I was also impressed with the additional support they provided us on our pricing response and TfNSW requirement for engineering management that was a massive hurdle and I was overcome with the Systematiq team’s ability to get the job done. We would highly recommend engaging Systematiq for any tender bids.

Grant Simmonds

Grant Simmonds

National Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz Bus

Thanks to the Systematiq team for your efforts in supporting Team Sentinel’s Land 400 bid.I was really impressed by how quickly you all settled into the team and came up to speed with what needed to be done. The technical knowledge of your team combined with your ability to generate a bid was great. It is a rare skill to cover both the technical and marketing components of producing a bid.

Kelly Elphinstone

Kelly Elphinstone

MD, Haulmax

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What specific areas of rail does Systematiq specialise in?

Systematiq provides expertise to Operators, Maintainers, Constructors, and Asset Managers in the Light, Passenger, and Construction sectors of the Rail industry. We provide flexible and scalable project management and support across each of the phases or your project life cycle. This includes:

  • Project management
  • Systems engineering
  • Systems safety and assurance
  • Asset management and TSL
  • Tender and proposal writing
  • Marketing analysis and strategy

What has Systematiq done in rail?

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