End of Year Gathering – The Little Mule Café

This year, Systematiq was invited to sponsor the end of year gathering for the Victoria Barracks Chapter of the Victorian RAEME Association held at the Little Mule Café in Melbourne.

Systematiq’s Brydon Johnson and Greig Hutton were present and able to present the to the association,  Mr Phil Coulton with raffle prizes to help the association raise funds for association.

Shown below is the Secretary of the Association, Mr. Phil Coulton with Mr. Brydon Johnson.

The Victorian RAEME Association has a primary role to foster and develop spirit and tradition throughout the RAEME Corps in Victoria and surrounding Rural Areas. This is achieved by the Association through the involvement of members in social, military and Corps events in Victoria.

Systematiq is proud to be able to support such an organisation and the values it holds, supporting our current and former serving members.

Shown below are the members of the RAEME Association Committee attending on the night, from Left to Right –Rod Gillet (Association president), Phil Nugent, Phil Coulton, John Westerland, Brydon Johnson (Systematiq), Ron Newland, Greig Hutton (Systematiq) and Justin Radford (owner of the Little Mule Café).

To find out more about RAEME click on the link below.