Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Fujitsu Australia, a leading service provider of business, information technology and communications solutions, was tasked with developing the Australian Mission Partnered Environment (AUSMPE).

The AUSMPE is a complex warfighting business network that provides the means to connect and integrate Defence’s Command and Control (C2) systems, including Battle Management Systems (BMS), Fire Control Systems and Intelligence and Surveillance systems. It ensures the flow of information between joint forces is safe and secure during military operations, exercises and in response to natural disasters or terrorism threats.

Fujitsu engaged Systematiq to analyse how their ICT Team members could meet AUSMPE requirements and develop an effective learning solution to close the gap between current and required performance. They required a solution to sufficiently orientate their civilian ICT workforce to Defence; providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours required to support the Commonwealth of Australia in the delivery of AUSMPE capability.

Developing an E-Learning Solution

Systematiq resourced a team of training system specialists with experience in the Defence sector to analyse the current Defence AUSMPE training and Fujitsu workforce, identify the gaps, and provide a suitable training solution.

By using defence’s preferred learning approach, SADL, our practitioners applied their skills in analysis, training, design, e-learning and graphic design to produce an e-learning induction course for Fujitsu’s Deployed AUSMPE team.

The course provided civilian ICT specialists from Fujitsu an in-depth understanding of the customer (Defence), the AUSMPE, its equipment, network and network infrastructure, and the Fujitsu AUSMPE teams and functions.

The e-learning program was produced entirely by Systematiq’s Creative Services team working in cooperation with our defence Training Systems specialists.

Supporting Training across Defence Projects

From understanding defence protocols to mastering AUSMPE intricacies, our e-learning solution equipped Fujitsu’s ICT workforce by bridging the knowledge gap.

Delivering on-time and within budget, our e-learning package surpassed expectations, offering Fujitsu a cost-effective solution without compromising quality. Alisa Penny, our project lead, emphasised the invaluable lessons learned. “This project showcased our team’s adaptability and commitment to excellence,” she remarked. “By leveraging diverse skill sets and fostering collaboration, we delivered a product that truly adds value.”

Training Design and Delivery to move your projects forward

At Systematiq, we understand that effective training is more than just a checkbox- it’s a strategic advantage.

A strong training program can empower your team with the proficiency they need to excel in their roles, contribute to your business growth and ensure the safety and security of the infrastructure they manage.

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