Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), as the Accredited Rail Transport Operator (ARTO) of the Melbourne Metropolitan Train Network (MMRN), plays an essential role in the acceptance of the new High Capacity Metro Trains (HCMT).

The Customer’s Challenge

MTM is a key stakeholder in the HCMT project; the stakeholder who must ultimately accept the risk of operating the new HCMTs on the MMRN.

In August 2018, the Risk and Safety Assurance Manager’s position was left vacant; leaving MTM without the resources to critically examine the safety case artefacts presented by Evolution Rail which contribute to the safety assurance of the 65 new HCMTs, the accompanying training simulator, a new maintenance depot at Packenham and a new Light Service Facility in Calder Park.

It was essential that MTM continued to actively provide feedback on the safety artefacts presented in order to manage the level of risk that MTM was being exposed to.


Systematiq proposed Samantha Tait, an experienced engineering manager and chartered engineer with over 24 years’ experience in the transport sector including engineering management of a major construction project, to fill the position on a temporary basis whilst MTM recruited a full-time employee.

Sam’s experience in complex engineering asset procurement with multiple parties including government and private organisations meant that she was well equipped to manage MTM’s interests, whilst drawing on specialist rail engineers for support when needed.

Importantly, Sam has the skills to manage the relationship with the PPP supplier, Evolution Rail; and understands the requirements for MTM to follow good governance in demonstrating that risks have been managed So Far As Is Reasonably Practiable (SFAIRP).


Sam stepped into the role and the MTM team seamlessly and immediately started to contribute to the project, improving the quality of the deliverables presented by Evolution Rail by constructive and proactive feedback.


MTM recruited a full-time safety assurance engineer in January 2019, but asked Sam to stay on as the new manager of the growing safety assurance team to steer and motivate the team. Sam expects to continue in the role until the end of 2019.


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Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)