Metro Trains Melbourne engaged Systematiq to compile a System Safety Assurance Report. MTM sought project support and risk analysis services as part of the Southland Train Station development project.

The Customer’s Challenge

Metro Trains Melbourne required assistance with compiling the System Safety Assurance Report for the Southland level crossing including the need to assess and report on signalling. Completion of this project would help Metro Trains Melbourne progress this publicly visible project to the next stage.


John O’Brien and Richard De Nardi compiled the System Safety Assurance Report for the Southland Station construction and operation. This task was atypical and included consideration of constraints associated with the adjacent Southland shopping centre. John and Richard also assessed and reported on signalling and produced a consolidated risk register for the project.


The report was delivered successfully for Metro Trains Melbourne which helped enable the station open in November 2017. Public Transport Victoria observes that more than 4,000 passengers a day access the station who now have direct public transport access to the shopping centre.