Metro Trains Melbourne engaged Systematiq to manage Safety in Design Workshops and associated project support services to progress key rail projects throughout Melbourne.

The Customer’s Challenge

Metro Trains Melbourne had a large number of incomplete risk assessments that were delaying key project activities. Systematiq was engaged to undertake risk assessment activities and run workshops to ensure that level crossing removal projects had addressed risks.


Dougal Pidgeon co-ordinated key stakeholders across the organisation and facilitated workshops to allow stakeholders to identify risks and mitigation strategies. Dougal subsequently generated risk assessments that captured relevant risks, designed their mitigations and residual risk levels. He produced six risk assessments based on 10 engineering wavers and recorded the outcomes for endorsement by the Level Crossing Authority.


The risk assessments were accepted by all stakeholders and enabled the projects to progress to the next level of approval. This activity demonstrates the ability to utilise a consultant to perform risk management activities to determine shared and unique issues across multiple projects and achieve maximum efficiency for the customer.