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A collaborative approach to delivery of immersive training systems

Thomas Global Systems (TGS) is an industry leader in the design, production, and support of innovative electronic systems solutions for the aviation and defence industries.

As of the time of publication, TGS is currently working with Systematiq to deliver a new Immersive Tactical Trainer (ITT) for the Australian Defence force as part of the Land 907 Phase 2 Program.

Tactical training systems are an invaluable part of preparing soldiers for the battlefield. The ITT is built to simulate crew positions in army trucks or tanks (as a vehicle driver, commander, gunner, or loader) and offers training exercises in a range of potentially real-life scenarios and terrains. Training programs are instructor led and system hardware and software are fully customised to meet specific vehicle and user requirements.

TGS won the contract to deliver the new training equipment to the Australian Government after engaging with Systematiq’s pre-contracts team to develop their winning bid. At present, the project is still ongoing.

Preparing the winning bid for client Thomas Global

Systematiq worked closely with TGS to prepare a compelling submission in response to the request for tender. This entailed the development of a detailed and complex proposal which outlined the benefits the Commonwealth would gain in partnering with Thomas Global. In keeping with our whole of business approach to our pre-contracts services, we brought in specialist support from our systems engineers to work with TGS to clearly communicate the Statement of Works requirements.

The benefit of working with TGS from the onset is that it gave us the opportunity to explore how we could lend our professional expertise to support the client in the future delivery of the project should they win the tender. TGS recognised the value of working with us more broadly and included us as a party to the bid response.

Systematiq’s ongoing support for this project over the past two years includes supplying a project management office (PMO), systems engineering and integrated logistics support.

Delivery of the ITT as part of Land 900 phase 2 by Thomas Global includes a dedicated Systematiq project lead and project plan with input from the client. This includes Mandated Systems Reviews and contract negotiation discussions to assist TGS with managing their reporting requirements to the Commonwealth.

Systematiq Project Lead Mick Patman commented on the value of this work, and its impact on the project manager’s involvement: “It was our early engagement on the development of the delivery approach which helped ensure that the delivery project manager had the history and context of the delivery.”

However, one challenge he noted across the management of the project was the organisation of the combined TGS and Systematiq team; an obstacle that was exacerbated by the remote nature of the work:

“Managing a large team remotely has been difficult, so we quickly identified the need for regular communication through both formal, structured meetings, and through informal meetings, such as daily stand ups. This has ensured clarity on the tasks to be performed.”

On the capability side, Systematiq continues to provide experienced Systems Engineering and Integrated Logistics practitioners to help TGS develop the deliverables required in the SOW. Through the combined support of Systematiq’s services, our skilled consultants have ensured that the ongoing Immersive Tactical Trainer project has remained on schedule.

Filling capability gaps and absorbing workload

As a result of Systematiq’s contribution to the ITT project delivery team, TGS has been able to focus their workforce on their core business of building the new simulator and managing their supply chain, rather than having to develop deliverables under the SOW. 

This has proved a more cost-effective approach for TGS as they could rely on Systematiq to deliver project contract documents and benefit from our expertise and deep understanding of the detail and complexity involved in meeting these government requirements. 

Mick Patman comments that this project is “a good example of where Systematiq’s range of capabilities have been integrated within the project to help successfully deliver a project.”

Building future partnerships

Systematiq’s close collaboration with TGS has ensured that they are able to meet their obligations under the contract and has led to further discussions on how Systematiq can continue to work with TGS to deliver future programs of work.

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Systematiq provides professional consulting services to clients across the project lifecycle from strategy, procurement, and planning, through to project delivery, including systems engineering, integrated logistics and training design. Their consultants specialise in Defence, Rail, Transport and Infrastructure sectors within the government and private sector.