For Dale Bullock, a team member in Systematiq’ project management team, the company’s progressive culture and emphasis on service excellence has been a welcomed change.

He describes a work environment that is truly focused on nurturing employees through continuous support and collaboration and providing professional development opportunities to ultimately benefit our customers.

He says employees are given opportunities to “really take charge of working with the clients” and showcase their skills. The intention is to develop talent, not just “have all these things written down, but which no one ever really does.”

Dale is a highly experienced Project Manager, having come from the automotive sector, and contributed to a number of client projects in the defence sector for Systematiq. He is a certified PRINCE2 practitioner and certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He’s been impressed with the culture at Systematiq since joining in September 2023.

Dale’s experience since he’s been at Systematiq is that everyone is invested in each other’s success, which is demonstrated by constant feedback and appreciation.

It’s a “dynamic and modern approach to doing business” centred around people, where processes are continuously improved by encouraging “fresh thinking”.

A Modern Approach That Executes on Good Intentions

At Systematiq employees have access to genuine support systems.

As Dale says, “the intention is there to nurture and develop talent and it’s being demonstrated in real ways every day you walk in the door.”

“One of the most wonderful things about working here, is that while everyone is focused on our clients and projects, everyone is friendly, and people want to catch up outside of work. It’s a nice environment.” He cited an example of how he caught up with a few colleagues after work in his first week, to welcome him on joining the team.

“Any time I do something even slightly positive, even if it seems trivial, someone notices and comments positively. It’s nice to get positive feedback regularly. It spurs you on.”

An example of this is when Dale implemented a process improvement in his first days and colleagues took time to acknowledge his contribution – something he says, happens doesn’t always happen in other companies.

An Environment Where People Are Supported to Spread Their Wings

At Systematiq, he feels motivated through daily feedback and engagement. While Systematiq provides a flexible and hybrid working model, rather than being isolated, employees are made to feel appreciated.

His ethos at Systematiq is that people should never stop learning. He plans on focusing on constant improvement and helping his team to be as efficient as they can in their roles without putting either himself or his team under too much pressure. “We’ve got our processes, but now I feel like we can step up from doing it well, to being the best at it.”

A Culture Focused on Growth Mindset

Dale credits past managers who pushed him to expand his skills for shaping his continuous growth mentality.

He sees even more opportunities at Systematiq to keep improving processes and “be the best at it.” The culture motivates him to think beyond the status quo rather than just complete assigned tasks.

What does Dale do on weekends?

He says, “I’m the kind of person who can’t sit still. I’m always outside exploring national parks and reserves, and I usually have at least one project on the go.

“My daughter Maggie fuels this and is an inspiration. She has special needs but is the most determined and amazingly positive person and spurs me on. She plans out our hiking trips any time I’m not working and has also encouraged her younger brother to follow suit. Not a weekend goes by where we haven’t walked, rode or swum each day.”

If you are looking for a rewarding career in a supportive environment with an opportunity to work on some leading projects in the defence and rail industries, contact Systematiq today.