As a young professional passionate about film-making and media, Riley Harvey is making waves as an eLearning Developer at Systematiq.

Contributing to both the Training Systems and Creative Services capabilities, Riley boasts a range of multimedia skills that have proved invaluable to the projects he works on.

From building assets for bid templates, to creating graphics and 3D assets, to assisting in GD support, Riley uses his passion to provide value in his role in Systematiq.

Beginning in his E-Learning role working part time, Riley’s attention to detail and dedication to continuous improvement has allowed him to transition into a full-time position at Systematiq. In this role, he aims to further deepen his knowledge about instructional design and learn more about the theory behind e-learning.

His passion in VFX and 3D modelling has shaped the direction of his trajectory within Systematiq, utilising his skills to form the basis for his professional goals.

With 2 certificate courses in year 10 at AIE and completing a diploma in Years 11 and 12 in the area of VFX and game design, Systematiq has offered Riley a pathway into professional work without the need of extended tertiary study.

‘I’m proud of succeeding in a career without tertiary education,’ he commented, ‘and in an area of work that I’m passionate about doing’.

He attributes his success to a keen attention to detail and active communication:

‘The main thing is communication. Being able to communicate to the team about timelines and availability has been key.’

‘Especially with recent project with Fujitsu whilst Creative services was still growing as a team, we’ve had to focus on finding our feet. The need to communicate and to work together was essential for this.’

His experience with Systematiq

When asked about what he has gained from his experience at Systematiq, Riley commented:

‘I learnt a lot about being in the corporate world, and how to communicate with others a lot better.’

‘The Support network from Systematiq is invaluable. Even if I have the smallest questions, the response is so in-depth from all of my mentors; they go above and beyond in their support and experienced.’

He also commented on the importance of continuous learning, given the nature of his field.

‘Multimedia development is a rapidly evolving are, so it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends. You need willingness to learn and adapt to succeed in this sort of career.’

At Systematiq, Riley gained a great deal of experience and newfound knowledge working with his mentor, Angela O’Brien.

She comments on the value Riley has brought to her team.

‘Although Riley is new to the world of eLearning, he is open to learning and receiving feedback from his peers and leaders. Every creative project presents new opportunities for Riley and he takes on each task carefully and supports the team meet project timelines.’

In regard to working at Systematiq, Riley commented that he particularly valued the organisational framework, which he believes provided a lot of support to himself, as well as other young graduates.

‘I find working at Systematiq to be a rewarding experience because of the supportive and collaborative culture of the organization.’

‘The company values diversity, encourages innovation, and fosters a work environment that promotes personal and professional growth. I appreciate the opportunities to work on challenging projects and the flexibility to balance my work and personal life.’

‘The team at Systematiq is dedicated and passionate about their work, and their positive attitude and enthusiasm inspire me to do my best every day.’

A film and cricket buff

In his personal life, Riley is passionate about filmmaking, having worked on some small projects in the Australian television industry. He’s a cinema buff, with a specific interest in cinematography and scoring.

He also finds time in his busy schedule to regularly play cricket; a sport he has been enjoying for 14 years.

Riley’s enthusiastic attitude and passion for media has contributed greatly to his success in the Training Systems and Creative Services teams at Systematiq.

Systematiq is proud to have supported Riley on his professional journey, and is keen to continue to further contribute to his promising future career.

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