The consulting services on offer from Systematiq are as diverse as the individuals who comprise our expert teams. We sat down with Barry Johnson, a former Australian Army officer, to ask about his transition into consulting services, his new role with Systematiq and what’s on the horizon for him.

“I started at Systematiq in March of 2019 and I have recently stepped up into the new role of Associate within the Engineering Team. I am an electrical engineer by qualification and spent the last 12 years in Defence as an Army officer. I left to pursue new opportunities and experiences.”

Applying knowledge and expertise

Delivery of Defence projects are one of the core services Systematiq offer our clients, with expert ex-military personnel able to provide their in-depth knowledge of Defence procedures and engagement. This expertise can be applied to a range of businesses and industries, including Systems Engineering, ILS, Training and Development, and Pre-Contract Services. We are always on the lookout for new consultants who are ready to make the transition into new industries, capable of applying their skills to exciting new commercial adventures.

The role doesn’t only involve Barry’s Systems Engineering skills. He also manages a team of consultants and provides guidance, while delivering client projects externally. “When I applied for the Engineering Associate role, I felt that I had the skills and qualifications for the position.”

Exposure to new industries

Barry has been exposed to range of different industries during his time with Systematiq. We asked him what his transition has been like so far.

“The experiences that I have been exposed to outside of the military have taught me a lot. One of the reasons I wanted to move into a consulting company was the ability to be exposed to a number of different industries and to get a bit of a feel for them. The only working experience I had was in Defence and that’s a very niche environment so I think this wide exposure is very beneficial. Now I’m looking at rail and any of the other companies that we work with to give me more exposure to different styles of doing things.”

Utilising transferrable skills

Adapting to new styles and industries offers our consultants a range of new opportunities for development, both as people and in the work place. We asked Barry what kind of transferable skills he has been able to bring from his former life into his new role as a commercial consultant.

“As an Officer, you go through extensive officer training and there is a lot of management and leadership training that you get as part of that process. You get experience managing teams and when I was posted in Perth, I commanded a troop of sixty people. I’m used to managing large numbers of people with diverse skills across complex environments.”

This management experience has offered Barry unique insights he has been able to transfer to the commercial sector. He explained his commitment to developing teams and how important team atmospheres were to ensuring everybody felt included and part of something bigger.

When we asked him what ‘moving forward’ meant to him, he explained his focus on improving efficiencies and better managing workflows, as well as “managing a team and a collegiate atmosphere”.

Systematiq offers flexible working environments to support opportunities for professional development. We asked Barry if he had any plans on the horizon for further developing his skillset with formal training.

“I started my Masters of Project Management while in Defence and finished that at the end of last year [2019]. I also started my Chartered Engineering while in Defence and that’s still ongoing. I’m hoping to get that completed in the next couple of months.”

Systematiq offer transition pathways to ex-Defence members who are looking to move into the private sector. We provide services in all facets of supportability engineering including systems engineering, logistics support analysis, utilisation analysis, disposal and documentation.

Are you looking for your next big challenge? We’re always keen to talk to people who want to grow their skills and experiences. Joining Systematiq can expose you to a whole range of industries and help you develop your existing skillset into new career pathways and growth opportunities not only in the Defence sector, but rail, transport, infrastructure and other manufacturing industries.