Tracey talks about her work family and options for further training at Systematiq

Systematiq is committed to sourcing and delivering consultants of the highest calibre, who have garnered key industry, Defence and government experience across a broad range of valuable and versatile competencies. Our consultants have the ability to seamlessly integrate into any size project both embedded as long-term team members or in specialist, short-term roles. It’s our ability to collaborate with our clients, identify their specific needs, and add value and expertise that sets Systematiq apart.

People are our business so we like to get to know our people and to learn how we can support them to build and consolidate on their existing skills.

Meet Tracey Duggan-West, a versatile consultant whose APS experience and network has helped her to source and thrive in numerous industry roles throughout her time at Systematiq, and she’s keen to learn as much as she can.

“[Currently], I am assisting with the training package for Land 400 Phase 3. This is something that’s new to me and I’m all for further developing my skills,” said Tracey. “I’m learning every day and developing every day,” said Tracey. “You come in with transferrable skills and it’s how you develop and unpack that, and how it slots in with everything else here. I have knowledge of all of the in-service lifecycle, all the phases of sustainment and project management, so I can adapt my skillset from that aspect into my current roles.”

She has previously consulted on projects for large transport providers like Metro Trains. “I provided project planning and assistance as an Assistant Fleet Manager-type of role.” At Metro Trains, Tracey was responsible for assisting with numerous reports, accurately measuring key milestones and deliverables.

She started her journey with Systematiq in December 2018. “I’ve really enjoyed the last 12 months.” When we asked her about the culture at Systematiq, she beamed. “It’s more like a family working here, it’s such a wonderful environment and it’s really inviting. You have such a broad skillset around you that you can draw on.”

Systematiq has recruited individuals from a range of different backgrounds who can offer new perspectives to both our industry and Defence partnerships. “There is always a good breadth of knowledge because everybody comes from all walks of life. The world’s your oyster here because you say ‘I’d like to learn this’ or ‘I’d like to get in on that’,” added Tracey. We enjoy helping our colleagues, lending support and experience, to create and maintain a team oriented and collegiate atmosphere. “Everyone wants to see you grow as a person. Because there’s a lot of knowledge, there’s a lot mentorship you can bounce off,” said Tracey.

When we asked what sort of professional development opportunities she has had, or intends to pursue, with Systematiq, she immediately referred to some very organised notes she had prepared ahead of our interview. “Things coming up for me in the next 12 months [include]: a project management skills course, business writing courses and some advanced Word courses for formatting skills.” Systematiq is committed to shaping individuals from the ground up, offering them access to all kinds of training and development opportunities which not only inform their current role, but also help to contribute to an individual’s growth as well-rounded humans who can move freely throughout their professional lives, experimenting and changing careers and personal trajectories.

“Something that I could benefit from, not only for my current role but in the future, is train the trainer [skills] which would help me understand where the training syllabus comes from and how it’s structured,” said Tracey. Systematiq recently acquired Learning Systems Analysis which now acts as the business’ training arm, specialising in Defence training analysis and syllabus design.

If you’re interested in making the switch from your current role and stepping into a consulting position with Systematiq, look out for upcoming roles on our LinkedIn page.