From civil engineering to nutritionist, to now Pre-Contracts consultant at Systematiq, Liana Tucker has proven herself to be a versatile and adaptive professional, capable of thriving in diverse fields and taking on new challenges with enthusiasm and dedication.

With a wide-spanning and diverse career, Liana boasts over 20 years of engineering experience working at high-profile organisations across multiple nations, such as Capgemini, IBM, and Uniqa Group.

Originally hailing from England, before moving to the Caribbean, and eventually settling in Australia, Liana has found adaptability to be an essential strength of hers when navigating her constantly shifting surroundings and ever-evolving professional development.

She defines herself as a ‘lover of learning’; someone who relishes in problem solving, logical thinking, and working with people. With a keen eye for perfection, Liana is constantly on the lookout for inefficiencies to resolve and workflows to optimise.

‘I like to have fun with that,’ she comments, ‘if there’s some sort of situation with workflow that seems a little clunky, I like to look for a way to make it just a little smoother.’

Starting three years ago in Systematiq’s ILS team, Liana transitioned to working in the Pre-Contracts space in 2022.

‘With ILS there was a lot of problem solving and thinking, which I enjoyed.’

However, I really love the Pre-Contracts team we have here. I feel like I naturally work well in a team, and that’s the great thing about Systematiq; it’s all team within teams.’

Throughout her career, Liana has always gravitated towards teamwork.

‘There’s a sort of strength in teamwork,’ she notes.

‘If there’s a good relationship in place and you work well together, then that sort of cohesion is applicable to projects.’

‘It’s all about getting together to get to the end point’, she adds. ‘Having a common goal drives and fuels you.’

With her extensive prior experience in project management, and the invaluable assistance of her peers and the Pre-Contracts team, Liana has adapted well to her role in Systematiq.

‘The groups that you work in here are so helpful. People are always willing to teach, and I realised that I don’t need to do it all myself’.

Liana’s decades of industry knowledge and project delivery expertise allowed for a smooth transition into defence writing, which she values greatly.

‘The move into bid writing and the Pre-Contracts space has been fantastic for my personal and professional development’, she notes.

Liana now leads her own projects, as a specialised bid and tender writing consultant.

The Systematiq experience

Liana also comments on the nature of Systematiq as a smaller company, and the contrast she has noticed when compared to her work at larger corporations.

‘It’s always been a bit hard to change internal processes in the defence industry; but in a more tight-knit company and a smaller team, it’s easier to influence and optimise the processes we use’.

In between projects, Liana works on these smaller optimisations, what she calls “freedom projects”, in order to further streamline the workflows her team follow on a regular basis.

‘Systematiq has a certain freedom which is missing from bigger companies,’ she notes.

‘The straightforward channels of communication to group leads and the directors means you can access the specialised knowledge and skills of everyone, at any time.’

When working with clients, Liana and the Pre-Contracts team keep a certain set of values in mind.

We always start off by gaining a solid understanding of what the client wants,’ she states. ‘From there, it’s about tracking, scheduling, and learning from the client, in order to strengthen this understanding.’

Throughout the entire process, Liana emphasises the importance of being responsible, communicative, organised, and responsive.

‘It’s all about making sure that the customer is satisfied, and trying to go above and beyond the paperwork expectations of us.’

‘We try to portray our ethos and culture through our documentation,’ she adds. ‘We want to build strong partnerships and talk to the clients in their own tongue.’

These advantages allow Systematiq to operate in a smoother and more efficient manner.

She also comments on the social aspect of being part of Systematiq.

‘Although we all know we’re busy doing our own thing, we try to take the opportunity to blow off a bit of steam together.’

‘A proper sense of community and togetherness is difficult to achieve for a company,’ she adds, ‘but I think Systematiq has managed to get it right’.

A passionate individual

When she isn’t heading up a Pre-Contracts project or writing bids for Systematiq clients, Liana is pursuing one of her many hobbies.

With experience as a commercial diver, avid walker, salsa dancer, and former president of the Victorian Cake Decorating Society (Western Branch); Liana’s personal life is as vibrant and varied as her professional one.

Overall, Liana’s diverse experiences and passions have contributed greatly to her success as a Pre-Contracts consultant at Systematiq. Her ability to adapt across multiple projects, her keen eye for perfection, and her ability to think creatively has made her a valuable asset to the team.

Systematiq is proud to have Liana on board and looks forward to seeing what she will accomplish in the future.

If you’re looking to work with a specialised Pre-Contracts consultant like Liana, or require Bid and Tender Writing support for your next big project, contact us here to discover the value Systematiq could provide for your business, to keep you moving forward.