Systematiq Supporting the Commonwealth: Nova Systems Procurement Case Study

By Victor Zhang, Systematiq.

Systematiq successfully providing Defence Procurement Support to the Commonwealth

The Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) is an organisation within the Australian Department of Defence which supports the acquisition, management, and sustainment of military equipment for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Their Combat Support Vehicle Systems Program Office (CSVSPO), within their Land Systems Division, required additional support to undertake procurement related tasks. Due to the lack of a full- time resource, the CSVSPO was not able to meet allocated budgets, raise purchase orders, carry on ongoing maintenance tasks, and get tasks into contract as expected.

Their Managed Service Provider (MSP), Nova Systems, called upon Systematiq’s Tracey Duggan-West to provide the day-to-day provisions of a range of contract, sustainment procurement and governance services in accordance with the Defence Procurement Policy Framework.

Planning and execution of project deliverables

Tracey’s experience and expertise in this area provided her with intimate understanding of the processes and skills required for the role. People who possess specialized knowledge of Defence procurement work are few and far between, so Tracey’s background in similar roles and her intimate understanding of CASG procedures allowed her to be a preferred candidate for the role.

Throughout her work with the MSP, her attention to detail, proactive attitude, and deep knowledge of Australian defence procurement protocol has made her an invaluable asset to Nova Systems and the CSVSPO.

“The work I am currently doing is second nature to me,” she said.

“Having done similar work before and having worked with the same team earlier has made my job easy.”

In her role, Tracey provided procurement support to CA-24 Engineering Vehicles through Combat Support Vehicle Systems Program Office. She raised purchase orders, followed up on commitments and ensured governance controls and processes were followed at every step of the way.

She was also responsible for spending the allocated budget set by the government for certain tasks, and was involved in the purchasing of a fleet of sustainment items in a procurement functionality, all whilst ensuring that all processes and government control measures were met.

Due to Tracey’s prior contract management experience in defence, she also participated in the rollout of a CSVSPO forklifts hire contract.

The result of Systematiq’s expertise

Nova Systems has been particularly satisfied with Tracey’s work mentality, and her ability to achieve positive results through the effort she puts in.

Her value is apparent in her consistent and proactive attitude towards work—ensuring that ongoing maintenance tasks have been actioned in the timely manner. Allocated budgets were met, purchase orders were raised on time, and things were being brought into contract as per the expectation set. Through the daily work done, Tracey has been able to ensure that the client’s yearly forecast has been met.

“Based on her previous experience within the organisation, Tracey makes sensible and sound decisions and provides relevant information that enables others to progress necessary tasks,” said Procurement Manager Chris Bilney.

“Because of this Tracey only needs broad direction and, once this is provided, she actions required tasks and liaises with others to progress work. I am very happy with her work in this regard.”

“I find Tracey to be a self-starter. She cheerfully does what is requested of her and I can rely on her to complete tasks.”

Tracey’s wealth of experience in previous procurement roles has also proven to be an exceptional asset to Nova Systems and the Commonwealth.

“Tracey is thorough and professional in her dealing with both internal and external work contacts. Because of her previous experience within the organisation, Tracey has an understanding of what is required based on her knowledge of the bigger picture. As such, she is able to interpret her work requirements within the wider context, and progress them through to a comprehensive and successful conclusion.”

Ultimately, her presence within Nova Systems has been invaluable, and Procurement Manager Chris Bilney is more than pleased with the value she has brought to the company.
“Tracey is approachable, open and honest, and is pleasant to work with. I have confidence that her communications contribute positively to achieving the results we need. I am very happy to have Tracey working with us.”

Due to her positive attitude, extensive experience, and general expertise, Systematiq’s reputation with Nova Systems was solidified, strengthening the partnership between the two companies.

Systematiq generates value for your business

Tracey is just one of the many experienced practitioners that makes up Systematiq’s Integrated Logistics Support team.

Our exceptional and highly qualified consultants possess a wealth of expertise in successfully navigating Defence requirements and Commonwealth processes. They are passionate about delivering value and ensuring the success of your project, no matter what stage it’s in. You can trust our consultants to help move you and your business forward.

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