Nurturing graduates provides opportunities for growth

What kind of position would take you to your next level? Where could you explore every facet of your profession in order to become a specialist? Would it help to be supported by subject matter experts on your journey?

Consulting has your answers. Offering access to a range of industries, resources and working environments, Systematiq grows and develops its employees in fields of Marketing, Integrated Logistics, Systems Engineering, Training Systems, and Pre-Contract services.

Bruno Annetta had joined Systematiq in September 2020, following his post-graduate placement as a Systems Engineer and found just what he was looking for. He is currently supporting the Radlink TASNet project, which provides the next generation of safety communications at Defence training areas across Australia. “I’ve had a range of involvement including writing analysis papers and user manuals. Seeing a large, complex system, how it comes together and actively contributing to different areas [of that system] has been enormously rewarding.”

Shared values equate to shared goals

“To join the exciting world of Rail and Defence has been a goal of mine since university.” Bruno graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics in December 2018. After working for ANCA (a CNC manufacturing company) following his studies and gaining experience in the water industry, he approached Systematiq.

“The biggest motivator to join Systematiq would have been when I was reading the company values. Adult, Reliable, Responsive and Trust. They were unique and came across as genuine rather than just superficial corporate statements. I was always the youngest engineer in the office, so this opportunity to be treated as an adult while still being able to grow and develop was what motivated me.”

Meeting one of the company directors, Richard DeNardi and the Systems Engineering Group Manager, Barry Johnson only strengthened Bruno’s decision. “They both came across as outgoing people who enjoyed what they did, which was a good indicator of a healthy company culture.”

Bruno’s analytical skills and technical knowledge were highly appreciated by Systematiq. The company saw to his participation in valuable industry training courses provided through the Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry (SADI) program. These include Asset Management, Systems Engineering, Project Management and IBM DOORS Essentials.

A consultancy offers pace, diversity and flexibility

The art of time management and ability to focus are both intrinsic requirements for a consultant. It was the gruelling 3-hour daily travel between home, work and university, that taught Bruno the value of every spare minute – the key to handling task diversity at high pace. “Every day I get to see different aspects of engineering and project lifecycles. Between Rail and Defence projects there is no shortage of it. I don’t miss having to do the exact same thing day in, day out.”

The lockdown events have changed everyone’s perspective. Yet, Bruno’s experience starting at Systematiq was an easy transition: “From the work to the team, Systematiq felt like home right away despite the lockdown. That feeling has only gotten stronger as time has passed and as I’ve met more of my colleagues face to face or through project work.”

Systematiq had always offered a flexible working schedule to better accommodate the needs and circumstances of its employees. Now many look at office time as a valuable chance to see each other and Bruno uses every opportunity to get across more of the team.

Striving for experience leads to motivation

When asked what his future aspirations with Systematiq were, Bruno responded: “I want to grow and develop with the company, to excel at anything that is put in front of me and take on new challenges. Not only am I early in my career, I’m also a life-long learner so I’ll always be looking to expand my knowledge to be the best engineer I can be.”

Whether you have recently graduated or are seeking a new challenge, get in touch with us. Systematiq can offer you an opportunity to work alongside our supportive and approachable subject matter experts, and gain valuable experience in Australian Defence, Rail and Transport programs.