By Sascha Sinclair

Tender submission accompanied by a targeted marketing campaign builds awareness for an innovative Australian supplier.

Textron Australia required specialized capability to support them in putting together an integrated campaign from Request for Information (RFI) stage, through to Request for Tender (RFT) and accompanying marketing campaign to support their submission for Land 129 Phase 3. They called upon Systematiq’s team to pull together an integrated approach to guide the submission.

Systematiq put together an ASDEFCON bid and marketing campaign that required specialized capability including document management across a large team spread across different continents and time zones.

Systematiq worked with the client to identify and articulate Textron’s value proposition and their win themes and linked these throughout to make sure every part of every document was consistent, highlighting Textron’s Australian Industry Capability (AIC) story throughout. We also incorporated this throughout the executive summary and marketing campaign. With a highly competitive program, a targeted campaign was required to reach a range of stakeholders and build awareness for Textron’s unique offering.

Systematiq put together a bid that was complaint with the Australian Defence standards that met the expectations of both the Australian and US teams.

The executive summary and marketing plan positioned Textron strongly within the Defence industry, highlighting their past performance, ability to supply, sovereign industry capability and local industry supply chain, as well as their value-for-money solution.

Early engagement amplifies your position against competitors

Engaging with industry early means you have time to develop a compelling solution. This results in a competitive advantage as you are able to shape the RFT process and ultimately develop relationships with stakeholders that help to advocate for your solution.

“Being involved early on,” said proposals manager Sarah Norton, “meant that Systematiq was able to undertake stakeholder management, competitor analysis, capture planning, and work with Textron through every step of the way.

The teams at Textron were able to bring their operational experience to the bid, while Systematiq brought their professional expertise of answering bid questions.”

In house marketing and creative services provides an edge

Systematiq’s team included marketing and creative services experts that were able to not only provide support through the tender project but work with the client to develop a targeted marketing campaign that leveraged their deep understanding of the defence industry and marketing channels.

Sascha Sinclair, Systematiq’s Brand and Marketing Manager put together a campaign that included website content, social media, digital and content marketing, along with utilising effective thought leadership opportunities such as podcast interviews and trade show support.

Sascha commented on the campaign results: “It was satisfying to see the uplift in engagement across all marketing channels and see real results through driving traffic to the client’s website.” By utilising the channels, we know work in the defence industry we were able to increase awareness for our client and their capability.”

While Textron were ultimately unsuccessful in their bid, they were down selected to the final two, and have seen continued growth in demand for their technology across the globe.