Teamwork and Trust core to Veteran’s Success in Systematiq

Greg’s journey in the defence industry equipped him with invaluable skills and values that have been essential to his success. With a remarkable 23-years of service in the Australian Defence Force as an electronics technician, Greg Warren has proven himself to be a dedicated and versatile professional. His military and civilian career spans across various domains, including logistics, maintenance, and transport systems, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning and adaptability.

His extensive knowledge of defence jargon and his ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies gained from his experience in Defence have been instrumental to his success at Systematiq as an ILS Consultant. Moreover, Greg’s responsiveness and accountability have established him as a trusted team member, ensuring effective stakeholder engagement throughout his endeavours.

In his role as Senior Consultant in Systematiq’s ILS team, Greg leverages his skills as a meticulous data gatherer. He excels at hunting down people and information, skilfully collating all relevant data into a comprehensive and cohesive framework.

As a veteran with over two decades of service, Greg has been able to effectively transition his active-duty experience to civilian work. His communication skills and knowledge of defence protocol have allowed him to effectively bridge the gap between military and non-military personnel, translating complex defence terminology into easily understandable language for his industry clients.

In addition, his role at Systematiq demands responsiveness and assuredness—skills which he has honed throughout his years within the Australian Defence Force. As a result, he is able to meet and adapt to the ever-changing demands of defence clients, addressing their questions promptly and ensuring their needs are met. Greg’s commitment to accountability and responsibility further strengthens his ability to deliver results for Systematiq’s clients.

Above all, however, Greg values honesty as the key value which facilitates teamwork and simplifies his work process.

‘Honesty’s the biggest one,’ he comments, ‘without an honest person next you, you run out of trust.’

‘Without trust,’ he continues, ‘you don’t become an effective team member, and everything breaks down.’

Through his work at Systematiq, Greg has also developed a range of personal and professional skills that continue to enhance his contributions. In his work, Greg has honed his IT and Excel proficiency, which—when coupled with his aptitude for writing technical manuals and XML coding—have expanded his capabilities in this dynamic field.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Systematiq, Greg emphasizes the significance of teamwork, and the value of the Systematiq team.

‘Despite the fact that people are dispersed due to the remote nature of the work, the collective experience and knowledge that the team has is invaluable.’

‘Being able to reach in and tap into that collective experience’, he continues, ‘is one of the key strengths of working in a team at Systematiq.’

Greg also comments on the flexibility afforded by remote work, and demonstrates his appreciation of Systematiq’s commitment to employee well-being.

‘Working remotely allows you work at your own pace, and simplifies the process,’ he notes.

‘The flexibility of the work, coupled with the fact that our managers look after their people, ensures a healthy work-life balance.’

When asked about his most prominent accomplishments throughout his life, he replied that his family was his biggest achievement to date. In a truly admirable fashion, Greg comments that the health and wellbeing of his family overshadows his professional successes, which include being nominated for various awards, such as the Instructor of the Year at a local training establishment, and for Craftsman of the Year at a regional contest in Darwin.

In spite of his busy career, Greg still finds time to pursue his own personal interests. A true outdoorsman, Greg enjoys mountain bike riding, horse riding, and camping in his spare time. When he’s not providing support for Systematiq’s clients, he likes to spend his time out on the trails, or navigating rough terrain in his 4WD.

Greg Warren’s journey in the defence industry and beyond, along with his dedication to continuous learning and adaptability, have made him an exceptional member of the Systematiq team. His technical expertise, accountability, and passion for teamwork have enabled him to thrive in his role as a senior consultant. Systematiq is proud to support veterans such as Greg, and his contributions continue to drive the company’s success.

ILS Group Lead Samantha Goodman comments on the value Greg brings to the ILS team:

‘Greg is a dedicated and hardworking practitioner who is always one of the first to put up his hand to help out the team. He is extremely reliable and an absolute gentleman.’

‘His work ethic and dedication to the job is outstanding,’ she continues. ‘Nothing is ever a bother for him and he is always willing to support others.’

If you’re seeking the expertise of a specialized ILS consultant like Greg Warren, or require expert defence support for your upcoming projects, reach out to us at Systematiq. Contact us today to discover the value we can provide to your business, and keep you moving forward.