Systematiq assists Leidos with Land 2110 CBRN project V&V

Systematiq was engaged by Leidos, a global technology, engineering, and science company, to provide vital systems engineering support during the critical Verification and Validation (V&V) phase of the Land 2110 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) program, which aims to upgrade and establish new facilities at 14 nationwide locations to train personnel in handling exposure to toxic industrial materials and CBRN weapons.

The CBRN project was a complex undertaking, with numerous product groups and sub-systems that needed to be tested and documented. Leidos needed additional resources to help it complete the V&V documentation for the project, and it turned to Systematiq for assistance.

Integrating with Leidos to meet complex needs

Systematiq provided necessary systems engineering support and effectively integrated into the Leidos engineering team for 13 months to complete the required tasks. One challenge Systematiq faced was the need to quickly understand the project and technical solution being developed by Leidos. However, the consultants were able to quickly become proficient and make a positive impact on the project.

The work was conducted both onsite and remotely, with most of the work being done remotely due to COVID-19 lockdowns in Melbourne. This presented its own set of challenges, as it can be difficult to collaborate and communicate effectively when working remotely on complex projects of this nature. However, Systematiq was able to overcome these challenges and continue to make progress on the project.

Systematiq’s lead systems engineer, Barry Johnson, said: “My previous experience with Leidos on SEA 1770 meant that I knew most of the project team already. This facilitated working remotely as I already had those connections. I also knew how Leidos operated which enabled us to integrate quickly.”

Obtaining supplier data

One of the main obstacles that Systematiq had to overcome on behalf of Leidos was the need to obtain data and information from suppliers. This was critical for the verification and validation of the supplies being used in the project. To obtain this information, Systematiq had to engage with several suppliers and ensure that they were providing the necessary data and documentation. This was a time-consuming process, but it was essential for the successful completion of the V&V phase.

Despite the challenges faced, Systematiq was able to complete a large suite of documentation that was ready for presentation to the Commonwealth on time. This enabled several products to be accepted and moved forward in the testing and validation process.

Ensuring projects move forward

The value provided by Systematiq to Leidos on this project was significant. It provided additional systems engineering capability to Leidos’ L2110 engineering team, as well as consultants that had prior knowledge of Leidos and Defence experience. They were able to integrate into the L2110 team, understand the project and technical solution, and develop high quality documents. Systematiq also demonstrated its ability to work remotely during the lockdowns and flexibility in mobilising quickly to meet the needs of the project.

Overall, the support provided by Systematiq was successful in helping Leidos progress its V&V activities and submit the necessary documentation to the Commonwealth. Systematiq enabled Leidos to overcome its staffing shortages and move forward with the L2110 project.

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