Transitioning to Civilian Work: Systematiq and Soldier On’s Partnership for Veterans’ Success

By Sascha Sinclair, Systematiq.

Systematiq are a Defence industry consulting firm, owned by ex-serving members Richard De Nardi and Brydon Johnson, and provides career pathways for men and women transitioning from defence to civilian work. Over the last few years, we have successfully employed over 40 ex- defence members in a variety of roles, and are proud to provide a stable, supportive, and inclusive environment for people to utilise their knowledge and develop their professional capabilities outside of the military.

In 2022, Systematiq decided to broaden its talent search and support the work of Soldier On, which is providing vital services and programs to enable veterans to thrive. Their health and wellbeing, employment, learning, and participation programs are evidence-based and adaptive to the individual. Its Pathways Program works in collaboration with veteran-supportive companies and provides practical support, enabling people to secure long-term, meaningful employment.

Richard De Nardi, our Director of Capability, reflected that this initiative has been a long time coming and has dual benefit to the company and the individual: “Systematiq is proud to create opportunities for a great cadre of men and women. Those benefits include engaging with individuals who are transitioning out of the military and working with them to enter the civilian workforce, knowing they will be assisted throughout the unique journey of relinquishing a uniform and embracing civilian life. The Soldier On Pledge is an exceptional opportunity to reach out and share the experiences and rewards of working with the nation’s finest!”

Systematiq finds that people from across the military have different skillsets that are transferrable to a variety of our project-based capabilities. But it’s the individual’s attitude that really defines success as skills can be gained through on-the-job training. We look for self-starters with a willingness to learn and we value individuals who take initiative.

We also offer a team environment where people are given a sense of purpose and the value of their contribution is reinforced through Systematiq’s on-boarding program, professional development, and supportive culture.

Sam Duncan, our Pre-Contracts Bid Writer, shared his thoughts on his experience and the benefit of the program: “The workforce at Systematiq includes ex-serving members as well as a diverse group of people from various backgrounds. Through its partnership with the Soldier On Pledge, a wider group of ADF personnel will have the opportunity to see this supportive and inclusive environment as a possibility for their own transition. This can provide a sense of familiarity for ex-serving members while also offering a fresh start and the opportunity to be part of a diverse community, helping to alleviate the struggle of losing one’s identity, which I personally experienced during the transition process.”

Systematiq has consultants across the country, with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane. We look forward to working with Soldier On and continuing to provide employment pathways for those who have given to our nation.