Photo credits: RAAF Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet A44-203 c/n 167959, 1 Squadron RAAF Base Amberley. Delivered to 1 Squadron RAAF Amberley 26.03.10 – Day 1 Avalon 2013 Australian International Air show. Photo by Robert Frola.

Remote delivery of complex gap analysis project results in world-class training system for Air Combat Group

Air Combat Group (ACG) is the only Force Element Group (FEG) in the Royal Australian Air Force that employs Air Combat Officer: Weapon Systems Officers (ACO-WSOs). These officers operate the weapon systems onboard the F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft.

Following a redesign and significant changes to the Introductory Fighter Course in 2019, ACG evaluated their training curriculum and found that despite their revisions, graduates were still not meeting workplace requirements.

ACG subsequently determined that additional capacity was needed to comprehensively analyze the ACO-WSO Training Continuum and identify if, and where, gaps existed.

Based on the client’s requirements, Systematiq provided a team to work closely with ACG experts to review and revise the Job Task Profile (JTP), ensuring that workplace specifications were accurately reflected. With previous Air Force experience, Systematiq Training Systems consultants Samantha Goodman and Alisa Penny led the project, mapping findings against existing documentation that directly informed a Gap Analysis report, enabling us to provide options and solutions for workplace performance remediation to Head Quarters Air Combat Group (HQACG).

Senior consultant and Training Systems lead, Samantha Goodman outlined the process undertaken:
We utilized thorough analysis processes to map and review training documentation across multiple training units and FEGs (Force Element Groups) to determine trends in data, potential gaps, as well as process and policy deficiencies. When these were all combined, they correlated to impact on the overall workplace deficits. As a result, we were able to present a series of informed recommendations to ACG to remediate the ACO-WSO Training Continuum.

Document Development and Remote Workshopping

Following the development of the JTP, the project team developed a Learning Requirement Specification (LRS) and Training & Assessment Strategy (TAS) in accordance with the current Learning Management Packages (LMP). These resources further informed the Gap Analysis Report, with the findings and recommendations used to meet the workplace tasks as identified in the JJTP.

This project was conducted during Covid lockdowns across NSW, QLD, and VIC at varying times; presenting challenges for both the Systematiq and HQACG teams. Despite original plans to carry out working groups in Amberley, workshops were conducted remotely with people spread across Victoria, Newcastle, Brisbane, and Tindal.

As anyone familiar with remote working can attest, the network connection can prove fickle. At times some participants lost visual, so we allowed for mobile dial-ins to ensure we kept pace and met project requirements. Despite taking longer than normal to get SME feedback returned, we were able to remain flexible and deliver the project on time regardless.

Systematiq’s Samantha Goodman reflected that “Having been posted to Air Combat Group when in the RAAF, it was great to return and utilize our team experience in such a focused, specialized skill area. We were challenged with Covid restrictions but stayed adaptable and made it work.

Data Analysis and Trends Lead Targeted Solutions

Through the tasks completed and hurdles overcome, Systematiq clearly articulated where gaps and training issues lay, providing our client with remediation solutions. The work provided evidence-based data that leadership will use to inform future decisions around their workforce and training protocols – boosting performance, refining the strategic direction of the unit, and consolidating expenditure.

Alisa commented that “Seeing the information and data trends we were able to identify was rewarding. From this, we could demonstrate that our recommendations were justified and feasible in reaching their goals. Knowing we were able to deliver to a team that was under-resourced was a great accomplishment for our Training Systems Team.”

Direct feedback from Staff Officer, Elizabeth Beston, further validated the undertaking, “Sam and Alisa expertly and methodically analyzed the raw data and current learning pathways to provide a thorough gap analysis report. The data they gathered and presented has been instrumental in the continuous improvement of a world-class training system for the Air Combat Group. The Systematiq team was incredibly easy to work with – excellent communication and honest, forthright feedback. I highly recommend Sam and the team at Systematiq.”

Best-Practice Training Systems and Learning Design

Systematiq employs industry best-practice to analyze, design, and develop workplace training, utilizing new and emerging technologies through our learning management packages and e-learning solutions.

If your team needs a comprehensive Training Systems review but doesn’t have the capacity, speak to one of our Business Development Managers today. We pride ourselves on understanding your specific needs and moving you forward.