Delivering excellent client results through diversity of thought and experience

At Systematiq we embrace ‘diversity of thought and experience’. It is what partly fuels our growth as an organisation, allows us to navigate new territories and embrace the constant change we are faced with. 

As we continue to grow, we acknowledge that our diverse workforce gives us a different perspective, allows us to stay on course, innovate and challenge the status quo, while achieving better results for both our organisation and the clients we continue to serve.

While several of our workforce personnel comprise veterans and ex-Defence personnel, we also have team members who have spent their career in a variety of industries. The amalgamation of industry experience and Defence insights, allows us to provide maximum value to our clients.

Blending technical knowledge and industry experience

Gary Overliese joined Systematiq as our e-Learning Content Developer in June this year. Coming from a background of higher education, Gary has been able to apply his multimedia production skills and e-Learning expertise to develop a diverse set of learning packages for our clients.

“I have spent a large part of my career in the education industry. I went from being a student in the classroom to working as a tutor and then taking on several administration and senior strategy roles within the higher education industry.

The administration roles provided me with exposure to the systems administration side of things, including an understanding of the technical back end, managing learning systems, and managing different learning technologies. 

With the more senior roles I took on, these exposed me to the strategy side of education.” 

Technology based learning

As a Learning Technology Specialist at TAFE, Gary got the opportunity to work with new technologies (including some that were not in the consumer space yet), trial and test them to meet the needs of the students and teachers.

“I worked closely with teachers and students to assess their needs, understand the technology that was currently in use and which new technologies could solve the problems they were facing.”  

One of the many projects that Gary worked on while at TAFE included the creation of a platform that allowed the teachers to record their own learning content through multiple camera angles without requiring to be technology experts. 

“The platform enabled the teachers to create content themselves without requiring an expensive video production crew. They were able to set up the cameras easily, hit record, and then change the camera angles with the push of a button so that students could view what they were doing from multiple angles.”

The platform developed was well received, more so because it enabled students to seamlessly adapt to online learning by providing them with all the tools required to make the transition from face-to-face to online learning.  

Developing e-Learning Packages for Systematiq Clients

Using the experience gained in his previous roles, Gary continues to implement and develop solutions for several of Systematiq’s clients. 

“I am currently developing an online facilitator course for the Defence Force School of Signals. It is a ‘train the trainer’ package, that once logged in to and completed, will allow the facilitators to deliver their own courses online.”

As part of the development of e-Learning content, we aim to translate the experience of a face-to-face course, delivered in-person to that of an online platform which is easy for the end user/ learner to access and is in line with the client requirement. 

“I like to take some time to understand the client’s company and needs and undertake research to identify where the client is coming from, and the problem they are seeking a solution to. I then use this research to work with the client and come up with a solution that solves the problem they are facing.”

Understanding the learners’ needs

E-Learning content has become a lot more interactive overtime. There are many different tools widely available that make it easier to create higher quality eLearning content. It allows us to offer bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. 

“We can have polls, create breakout groups, and organise workshops both online and virtually. We can also create different types of clickable objects on the screen, as well as add gamification and more advanced e-Learning concepts like virtual environments using VR and AR for the more advanced projects.”

Through the work experience gained in the education industry, and the multimedia skill set that Gary possesses, he combines educational theories and technical concepts to identify a learner’s need and develop a solution for the client.

“The way that I go about creating learning content is to always think about the learners first. I always look at my client’s learners as my learners and I am always in pursuit of understanding what I want for my learners, which is engagement and interactivity. I always see the learners as the ones who are benefiting from the work that I do.”

The Systematiq approach

Working at Systematiq has given Gary the opportunity to learn from a diverse team and has allowed him to develop his skill set on several fronts. 

“At Systematiq, I work as the e-Learning Content Developer, but also as the e-Learning Advisor, which means that I am able to guide the strategy and the process of the e-Learning content creation while also working closely with Systematiq’s leadership team. 

I really enjoy working with such a diverse team. Everyone comes from a different background and brings a different skill set to a project. Being able to learn from them and help team members understand e-Learning related concepts so that they can deliver a better-quality product to the client, is invaluable.”

If you are looking to implement best practices to your training and instructional design using new and emerging technologies, contact Systematiq