TAC DriveSmart online training program developed by LSAnalysis wins awards.

The Customer’s Challenge

LSAnalysis developed the original DriveSmart program in 1998. The program was the first online resource available for novice drivers in Australia and proved to be highly successful.  

LSAnalysis was engaged to redevelop the award-winning DriveSmart online resource for the Transport Accident Commission by providing analysis, design and support expertise to bring the program up to date 

While simulator-based evaluation of the original DriveSmart was found to be effective in training, the age of the program was impacting on program delivery. 

The original program was released on CD-ROM and moved to an online delivery in 2014. Identified areas that required reviewing and revamping included the: 

  • screen size of the original design did not map well to modern formats;
  • program was not compatible with mobile devices;
  • original video capture was poor in comparison to modern video format standards; 
  • accessibility and program engagement limitations, particularly in regard to the attentional control module; and
  • lack of integration and alignment with new learner driver programs and Safe System.

As the Program was still in use, effective and did not have a comparable product in market, the decision was made by the TAC to engage LSAnalysis to re-develop the program. The same proven learning principles were applied, but the latest video and online technologies were used.


LSAnalysis was re-engaged by the TAC to update the design of DriveSmart learning activities, storyboard and script new video-based exercises and supervise filming and editing of the new videos and development of a new website.

Phil Wallace, LSAnalysis’ Principal Consultant said “It was pleasing to be chosen to work with the TAC again to redevelop the new training videos. It demonstrated their confidence in LSAnalysis’ ability to develop and deliver a good product.”


The re-development of DriveSmart took almost three years to complete. The original design was reviewed to determine what new techniques and technologies could provide benefits. 

Road safety experts were consulted and research in the field reviewed to identify scenarios for video-based exercises that would provide most benefit to novice drivers. LSAnalysis drafted storyboards and scripts around these scenarios.

The TAC separately contracted a video production company and a website production and hosting company to build DriveSmart. LSAnalysis was contracted to supervise the development work of both companies.

Phil commented that “The team, which included the video production and website hosting companies, were really great to work with.  In particular, the relationship LSAnalysis formed with the production company (Brave Media) has allowed us to collaborate on several other projects together.”


The redeveloped DriveSmart program was launched in early 2019.  It uses the newest technology to improve learner drivers’ hazard perception, safe response and attentional control skills.  

The Program recently won a Platinum Award for Best eLearning Design of an interactive scenario and a Gold Award for Best eLearning Design of a free eLearning resource at the LearnX Awards.

 “LSAnalysis are proud to have won the awards as part of the team who collaborated to put the product together.” Phil Wallace said.

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