It’s full steam ahead with new rail business development manager

Systematiq has since its very inception believed that its greatest asset lies in its people. As our team continues to expand and our business continues to grow, this belief has only gotten stronger. 

We recently sat down with our newest team member David Lamb, to talk about his career so far and to find out what he looks forward to the most in his role as a Business Development Manager (Rail).

“Systematiq is a growing firm. That combined with the generational investment in rail and rail infrastructure, made the role of leading the Business Development strategy for Systematiq’s rail vertical seem like an ideal opportunity for me. I felt I could bring my previous commercial experience, portfolio management and business development to the role. Add to that my passion for rail, made this seem like the perfect career move for me.”

Turning a rail passion into a career move

Within the rail industry, David’s previous experience includes working at PTV, Bombardier and partnering with State Government agencies on several prominent projects.

His role at PTV was focused on asset management. During his time there he was able to foster relationships and develop a level of professional credibility that has since seen him join the Board of the Yarra Valley Railway (YVR). While there, he was central to establishing a partnership between Monash Institute of Rail Technology (IRT) and the Yarra Valley Railway (YVR).

Through partnering with State Govt. agencies like VicTrack, David successfully procured and delivered a project that allowed heritage rail operators to continue mainline operations. 

While at Bombardier, David achieved success in a role that focused around sales and government relations.

“The focus of my career has been on Business Development and key account management roles. Strategic selling and Business Development have been hallmarks of my career. The focus of each role has been on linking threads, identify opportunities and creating strategies based on that.”

Establishing Systematiq’s presence within the Rail industry

Business Development is a relationship building process that requires time, effort and the correct strategies to be successful. 

“In this role, I hope to strengthen our existing relationships with clients. Our clients need to be happy with the work we are doing for them. I want Systematiq to be highly regarded and respected while being front of mind when new work comes into the funnel. We should be the first choice when it comes to rail and engineering consulting services.”

Emerging challenges for the rail industry owing to COVID-19

We were keen to learn David’s perspective on the challenges the  industry faces owing to the current pandemic and how things may change post the lockdown. 

“Currently, the imminent challenge the industry faces are delays due to reprioritization of what is more important to the network and the State. The real challenge will arise once everything opens up. This would be around managing the ramp up of public transport patronage and getting people to want to use public transport without the fear stepping out in large numbers.”

“The way I see it, there will definitely be more permanent changes in the way things are done; operationally, in procurement, supply chain logistics and so on.”

Accomplishing goals and meeting expectations while working remotely 

During COVID-19, Systematiq has continued to recruit and onboard several members into the team. 

“Right from giving interviews over the phone to being onboarded remotely, the experience has been different, but a good one all the same. It is an odd time to be starting a new role, but the firm has been warm, organized and very professional in their approach. The use of technology and Covid-19 protocols have been very well managed.” 

A crucial aspect of David’s role is to create strong relationships with clients, which is a challenge while working from home.  

David pointed out that adopting innovative and agile solutions is key to establishing successful outcomes in the current scenario. And while he agreed working virtually comes with a set of challenges, he also highlights there are a lot of positives to working remotely as well.

“I have found that a virtual conversation lends itself to a more pointed outcome. People are generally happy taking 15-20-minute phone calls as opposed to blocking out an hour in their diary for a face to face sit down meeting. People seem more than happy to have some form of human interaction and are very happy to take a call and chat.”

Maintaining work life balance.

While working from home may have some positives, the real challenge for a lot of people is striking a healthy work-life balance. 

“I am a list maker, so there is always lots to do. But being able to prioritise tasks is key for me. Being accountable to yourself is important. You know when you have done enough and when you haven’t. And I think I have been able to prioritise my tasks quite well.”

“Previously I would just hit the desk at the office and that would be my sole focus. At home, I can now focus on tasks for small periods and keep moving back and forth quite well. So, it suits me just fine.”

Having said that, David said that he looks forward to catching up with the Systematiq team in person and grabbing coffee instead of meeting virtually. 

He also can’t wait to get back to the MCG and watch the footy with his mates. Spending more time with family outside of his home is another top priority post the lockdown.  

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If you’d like to speak to David about how we can assist you please get in contact via our contact page, or by sending him an email directly.