Assistance with development of instructional design and support materials for the Victorian Motorcycle – Graduated Licensing System.

The Customer’s Challenge

As part of a UNSW team from 2014 to 2016, LSAnalysis conducted a training needs analysis of novice motorcycle riders in the context of the newly established Victorian Motorcycle – Graduated Licensing System (M-GLS).

LSAnalysis subsequently assisted with instructional design and support materials development aspects of the design, development and piloting of courses and tests to implement the M-GLS.


The development of an M-GLS Licence Test that equated to the Driver Licence Test was a key aspect of LSAnalysis’ contribution.

Working from Driver Licence Test guidelines, LSAnalysis produced templates and guidance for local VicRoads-approved training organisations to plan and conduct M-GLS Licence Tests in their localities.


The new Victorian M-GLS Learner Permit and Licence mandatory training and assessment programs have now been implemented.

Long association and involvement has been established with this customer.