Design, development and evaluation of DriveSmart and RideSmart research for the purposes of creating consumer training programs.

The Customer’s Challenge

The TAC funded research at Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) in the late 1990s into means to develop the hazard perception skills of novice drivers.

The DriveSmart training product emerged from this early work in 2000 and has been so successful (over 70,000 registered online users by 2016) that the TAC funded re-development over 2016-2018 for use with the latest mobile device technologies. RideSmart is a spin-off for motorcycle riders first launched in 2004.


LSAnalysis has assisted with the design, development and evaluation of DriveSmart and RideSmart from 1998 to today. Initially, LSAnalysis was contracted by MUARC to assist with translation of research findings into prescriptions for instructional design of DriveSmart.

In addition to development of a functional specification for a CD-ROM, now online, training solution, LSAnalysis facilitated the storyboarding and scripting of around 100 video-based on-road scenarios.

LSAnalysis subsequently supervised filming of the scenarios to ensure consistency with storyboards and scripts.

More recently, LSAnalysis has been contracted by the TAC to provide similar services for updates and re-development of DriveSmart.


The DriveSmart website has been updated and now includes the videos that were originally story boarded by LSAnalysis.

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