Supportability Engineering

Providing the right support to ensure capability is available when you need it

Our staff can help with all facets of supportability engineering including systems engineering, logistics support analysis, utilisation analysis, disposal and documentation.

Systems Engineering Plans

Our practitioners have developed Systems Engineering plans that comply to the requirements of EIA 612 and ISO 15288, which will help you to understand the process required to acquire and enter a new system into service

Configuration Management

Our expertise includes the identification of Configurable items, baseline establishment and management, control, reporting and auditing.

Verification and Validation

Our practitioners can help you to develop a verification (test that it meets the requirements) and Validation (demonstrating that this is what you wanted) program to ensure that your new capability is what you described and will meet your needs.

Failure Modes Effects Criticality Analysis

We can facilitate workshops and develop your technical staff’s knowledge of the FMEA/FMECA activity and how to implement the findings on your products.

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Consulting

We can facilitate and provide advice on implementing RCM within your organisation to ensure your maintenance resources and support networks are focused on doing the necessary maintenance actions to keep your assets operating effectively.


Our practitioners understand how to identify, analyse and execute risk control measures to ensure your organisations legislative and organisational requirements are met.

Through Life Capability Management

We can ensure that your organisations inventory management, maintenance resources and supply chain are optimised to increase asset availability and minimise cost of ownership.

Supportability Requirements Definition

Our practitioners can help you to understand and develop the technical elements of the Logistics Support Analysis that are crucial to realising the potential of your assets and control cost of ownership.

We deliver the full range of project management services including Project Planning, Contract Management, Risk Management and Project Closure.

Project Planning and Work Breakdown Structures

Our Project Management practitioners can help you to develop Work Breakdown Structures for your project to enable a better understanding of the project deliverables and outcomes.

Contract Master Schedule Development

We provide support in designing project master schedules can ensure project success with definition of key activities, resource allocation and bringing together key stakeholders.

Project Management Support and Contract Management

No project is the same and we offer flexible support with ad hoc project management assistance through to project team leadership, reporting and progress meeting facilitation.

Project Status Reporting and Auditing

Our experience in project delivery can assist your organisation to determine if your project is progressing against what is scheduled or help you to understand where you are and what you have left to do to achieve the project objectives

Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)

The LSA is a highly structured approach used by us to define, analyse, develop and quantify logistics support requirements which optimises maintenance efficiency and reduces the cost of ownership of an organisation’s assets.

Equipment Utilisation Analysis

Equipment utilisation analysis provides the data needed for decision makers, when upgrading or replacing working assets.

Technical Data (Manuals and Documentation)

Systematiq has experience in designing and writing technical manuals, specifications, instructions, codifying data, spare part manifests and repair parts illustrations, all to the required industry standards.


Our ILS experts can work your staff to ensure that disposal is incorporated in budget projections as well as fleet / project planning and ensure that you’re not left with an asset that costs your organisation money when its time in-service is finished. We also manage compliance with application regulations, particularly for sensitive assets to ensure safe and lawful disposal.

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