Systematiq adopts a blended approach to develop intuitive and engaging client training packages. 

Systematiq continues to support its clients with the development of a wide range of training packages including traditional instructor-led courses, eLearning, or blended learning options. Our dedicated team of Training Systems experts include educational professionals who come with decades of experience of designing and developing courses that apply educational theory and meet the needs of different learners. 

Each practitioner comes with unique skill sets and perspectives that culminate into the development of a product that is one of a kind and meets our client requirements in the best way possible.  

Angela O’Brien recently joined our training team as the Lead eLearning Developer and has brought with her a unique and creative perspective in developing training packages that our clients have found to be innovative, engaging, and effective with meeting their training requirements 

Using creativity to develop engaging training packages

Having worked within the energy, finance, music, and insurance industries prior to joining Systematiq, Angela uses her creative thinking to develop learning content that is easy to digest, easy to navigate, and keeps the learner at the forefront of every learning package developed. 

“There have always been elements of teaching, coaching, mentoring and being creative throughout my career. Right from when I worked as a musician, to when I worked in customer service, account management, sales, project training and eLearning, each role has led me to think creatively which now reflects in the training packages I create for our clients. 

I am a learner, and I love learning and helping others learn. I understand what an adult learner is looking for, what is beneficial for them and how their needs can be met through the learning resources developed.” 

The evolution of e-learning content 

Over the years, Angela has developed a myriad of skills that has allowed her to develop learning packages that are interactive and interesting to the learner. 

“E-learning content has changed a lot over time and has evolved massively since I first started in this field. Initially, the software we would use to develop content was very basic. To make the learner’s experience better, I started incorporating video production, motion graphics, animations, and my own audio. 

Every element and media resource back in the day had to be custom built bit by bit. I learnt how to code, how to use flash and other elements that could make online training more interactive

With all the changes in technology seen in the learning space, the one thing that has stayed consistent throughout is the fact that the learner is always at the centre of how training material is developed.” 

Customising training packages that meet both the client’s and learner’s needs

When it comes to developing training content, Angela undertakes intensive research beforehand as it helps her team formulate the design concept and figure out well in advance what approach is going to best suit the learner. 

Angela approaches each project by thinking about the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘why’ and takes the time to understand how the training package needs to be designed, developed, and delivered for the client. 

Through the development process, Systematiq practitioners ensure that the adult learning principles are addressed, which means making sure that the learning content offers the learner the freedom to make their own choices to navigate the learning material the way they want to. 

“The objective is to keep the material simplistic and easy to access. It should cater to a wide set of learners who might be at varying levels of learning and still find the content helpful.” 

The approach with every project undertaken is that of ‘client first’. It is important for Angela to understand what the client wants, understand their industry and what is important to them before she and her team starts developing learning content. 

“The intent is never to make flashy elements for the sake of making them. It is important to understand what the client needs. For example, if a client needs to have illustrated maps and basic elements, then that’s what we work on and not on a high-fidelity package that overlooks these requirements.”

Despite having worked in other industries prior to joining Systematiq, Angela has found it easy to navigate the needs of our Defence clients as she feels there are a lot of similarities when it comes to developing training content for different industries. 

“The same learning principles are applied across the board, including the need for good instructional design, graphic and motion design. What differs is the content and the audience. The content developed is curated based on the client’s branding, tone of voice, common terms used by the company and their technology requirements.” 

Blended-learning approach leads to successful outcome for a client project

Angela recently supported a project for the Defence Force School of Signals (DFSS) where Systematiq created Signals Planning Process learning support material in video format. The videos developed were designed to support instructors in the delivery of the foundational level of communications planning.

Through these videos, DFSS wanted to modernise their online training resources and make the training look and feel more current. Systematiq made that a reality. 

“The client saw real value in the blended approach undertaken to develop these videos and how they benefitted both the learner (by making videos available on demand, learners can view these in a way that works for them and enhances their classroom learning) and the facilitator (by making classroom sessions more interactive, allowing more space for facilitated classroom activities and discussions, and aiding what was being taught).

The client was so impressed with the outcome that they have since extended Systematiq’s contract by 12 months and asked for further e-learning packages to be developed.”

Adding value to clients and providing opportunities for the Systematiq team.

If you interested in a blended-learning approach and customised training packages, contact our Training Systems team here.