Of the many uncertainties born out of the COVID-19 crisis, the one circumstance that has forever changed is the way we work. Whether a business was ready for it or not, the unwarranted situation has paved the way for what we now know as ‘the new working normal’.

Reliance and adoption of new technology and implementation of innovative business practices has allowed Systematiq stay on course and overcome the disruptions that were caused to traditional workforce practices. This included our ability to continue to recruit during the pandemic.

Systematiq has been successful with implementing an effective onboarding program that has proved it can serve the business well in the long term, irrespective of how we operate – in person or virtually. With introductions, presentations, and online processes we’ve been able to deliver a comprehensive and informative program to new starters.

“Recruitment at Systematiq has continued to flourish throughout the past 18 months of the Covid-19 pandemic, even with multiple lockdowns occurring. We’ve used Teams to interview, onboard, and setup our new recruits with everything they need to work from home and ensured that they had the support of the whole team at their disposal” says Krystyna Janjic, Systematiq’s Human Resources Assistant.

Systematiq’s ‘Yes to Success’ Buddy Program

One of the hiring initiatives that was implemented to meet this objective has been the ‘Yes to Success Buddy Program’ and has proven a helpful initiative, ensuring that recruiting is equally effective when conducted remotely.

Designed to enhance the onboarding experience of Systematiq’s ‘new hires’, the ‘Yes to Success Buddy Program’ assigns every new Systematiq team member to a Buddy who takes on the role of an informal mentor and guides them through their first 100 days of joining Systematiq.

“The Buddy Program has been a great onboarding tool to help recruits settle into their new environment and learn more about the different areas within Systematiq. We aim to match our newcomers with a buddy from a different department so that they can learn about each other’s role within the business, while the buddy is also a source of guidance and support,” mentions Krystyna.

Enhancing the onboarding experience of our ‘new starters’

Through the program, Systematiq’s new starters are introduced to a ‘Buddy’ – someone who has worked at Systematiq for at least 12 months and is experienced enough to share their thoughts about projects, provide advice on client related work and offer guidance with navigating Systematiq related resources.

“Having someone with sound company knowledge for questions and guidance whilst getting familiar with my role is something I really valued in my initial days of joining Systematiq,” reflects Rodney Potter, Training Consultant who joined Systematiq in January this year.

“The weekly check-ins are good to help feel a part of the team, especially whilst being in Canberra which can sometimes feel a bit distant. My Buddy and team members have done a great job of reaching out to make me feel part of the team,” said Systematiq new starter George Vlandis.

While the ‘Buddy Program’ was introduced with the aim of enhancing the experience of working at Systematiq for our new starters, it has proven to be beneficial for the ‘Buddies’ just as much.

“Being part of the ‘Buddy Program’ has given me an understanding of ‘a day in the life’ of someone who is working in another part of the business, as well as the challenges that they face. It was also great to understand what other people bring to their roles and what their backgrounds are,” commented Sascha Sinclair, Brand and Marketing Manager.

“Personally, the Program provided me the opportunity to support someone else and help them overcome some of the things I found challenging when I first started,” reflected Samantha Goodman, Group Lead- Training on her involvement as a ‘Buddy’.

Benefitting our workforce in the long term

According to an industry research conducted, it was found that a positive onboarding experience can increase employee retention by 82%, whereas a negative experience doubles the likelihood that the new hire may look for opportunities elsewhere.

While a Buddy program might not be a new concept when onboarding employees, due to the way we currently work, it has become a great tool in ensuring that our employees have what they need to overcome the challenges that remote working brings.

Implementing innovative practices like the ‘Buddy Program’ allows our people to feel connected to the organisation and enables us to foster a team culture that works well, even as we continue to work remotely. Such initiatives ensure that we can invest in our people’s careers and set them up for success right from when they are inducted into the organisation.

Our people are our biggest asset and by ensuring our onboarding process provides our employees with what they need, we are fuelling their careers and creating a positive working experience, that enables us to retain our people and ensure mutual benefits for the whole organisation.

If you are interested in a career with Systematiq please feel free to contact us.