A career focusing on versatility and keeping ahead of the curve

Change creates both challenges and opportunities equally. Mandy Middlemist, Systematiq’s newest recruit, has taken on the role of Business Development Manager with the objective to grow Systematiq’s presence in the Rail and Defence industries in NSW.

Mandy joins us after having built a successful 13-year career with Siemens where she worked as a consultant across several industries- Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Water/Wastewater, Buildings and Smart Infrastructure.

Her most recent role at Siemens involved rolling out the Digital Enterprise portfolio- a suite of technologies that enabled smart buildings and user experience application for the organisation.

“I took on the role of a sustainability consultant and worked with a team to audit the energy consumption of buildings and implement sustainable options for clients like RMIT, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, National Gallery of Victoria and Museums Victoria.

My focus revolved around strategizing, undertaking Business Development work for the company and training the sales staff, responsible for onboarding new technology.”

Mandy’s far sightedness has always helped keep clients ahead of the curve, no matter how steep the turn. In one of her earlier roles at Siemens, Mandy was part of a team responsible for identifying emerging technologies within Australia and developing technology roadmaps out to 2030. By doing so, she was able to help clients overcome challenges faced from global mega trends through the adoption of new and innovative technologies.

Focusing on clients’ needs is key to success

Having grown her career in a variety of roles, Mandy has been exposed to various aspects of Business Development. She has a clear understanding of how each business function works, what her clients require and how she can add real value to any work she takes on.

“My experience over the years has allowed me to hone my skills at a very granular level and has helped me understand what each of my clients need and how I can tailor the solution offered to meet their requirements. Unpacking complex problems and articulating solutions that bring value to every stakeholder is what I continue to strive for.”

A true people-person, Mandy continues to realise success with clients because of her personable approach and her desire to learn everything about the industry that she and her clients work in.

“I aim to make every conversation with my clients extremely valuable, by offering them insights on their industry, based on the research I do. It is important for me to give them the confidence that I care about them and their business. Building a strong rapport is very important to me.”

Business development is a people’s business

Mandy’s diverse experience has led her to believe that Business Development as a function remains the same, irrespective of the industry. What changes is the cycle each industry operates in.

“Every industry is cyclical, each one with different peaks and troughs at different times. It is important to understand what buying cycle your client is in and what engagement will be attractive to them.

It is important that I understand my clients’ inherent needs and their immediate and medium to long term vision. Based on this, I create a working partnership, that helps them achieve their goals”

Being able to understand the needs of a client takes effort and a genuine interest in the client’s industry. The opportunity to uncover these aspects is what Mandy is extremely passionate about.

“I genuinely like people and I am interested in them. I can break down barriers through my genuineness and transparency. I do a lot of research on my clients’ markets and industry to demonstrate a true interest and investment in them.”

Building trust to achieve success

Success can be big or small and comes in many forms. For Mandy success is all about earning the trust of her clients and strengthening Systematiq’s perception of being a trusted partner and influencer by customers and peers within the Rail and Defence industries.

The Defence and Rail industries are both going through unprecedented growth due to the state and federal governments’ emphasis on infrastructure development. Mandy believes that Systematiq can add real value to small and medium entities that have both supported primes in the past and are aiming to become a prime supplier themselves into the Defence industry.

“With the existing above-the-line relationships Systematiq possesses, the strong below-the-line connections we have and the thorough understanding of the challenges these entities face, Systematiq can help position such SMEs for growth. We can provide risk mediation, help SMEs target the right campaigns and raise their profile and capabilities with both Defence and the primes.”

When it comes to success, Mandy also believes that the organisation she represents and works for plays a crucial role in her growth and the work she does for her clients.

“Working for a company I believe in is very important to me. My values need to match with that of the organisation. With Systematiq, I have been able to find the perfect alignment with my values and work ethic.

The display of strong leadership within the organisation is something I really appreciate. I love the camaraderie and support that everyone has across the organisation. The team vibe and energy are infectious. Every team member is willing to pitch in, in whichever capacity they can to deliver the best for our clients.”

Striking the right balance

When it comes to work-life, Mandy tries to strike the right balance by focussing on what is important.

“It is important that I maintain my productivity and not burn out. In the role that I am in, it can sometimes become hard to find a right balance because I am working around client schedules to get things done.

But I do try to take time out for myself and go for a 20-minute run each morning before I dive into work. Business Development can become a lifestyle, one that I enjoy as it involves meeting new people.”

When she is not working, Mandy indulges in a game of netball or soccer and loves spending time with her daughter and family. Being new to Sydney she loves exploring the city through a weekly hike of 15 kilometres and catching up with friends.

Mandy continues to pursue opportunities where she can and connect clients with opportunities, that allow for growth and innovation.

If there is an opportunity you would like to discuss with Mandy, reach out to her via our contact page or by sending her an email directly.