Diversity and flexibility prove to be a winning combination 

‘One size fit all’ doesn’t really work when it comes to meeting different project requirements for clients. As a consulting firm that offers expertise in training analysis, design, development and evaluation, our team members come with experience and skills sets that ensure they are able to cater to different project requirements and offer a unique solution to our clients.

Samantha Goodman (Sam) joined Systematiq’s training arm Learning Systems Analysis (LSAnalysis) as an Education Consultant in June this year. Her unique career trajectory has enabled her to offer learning and development solutions to our clients that are highly valued and impactful. 

Sam started her career as a clerk in the Air force, then got commissioned as an Education officer (now known as Training Systems Officer). Her desire for more flexibility had her transition to the field of educational leadership.

While working in a secondary school, she improved the design of the curriculum to meet the needs of the students, as well as provide professional development to teachers, developing their core teaching and assessment skills. Sam then went on to start her own business where she worked with children and families with special needs.

While she continued to hone her skills as an L&D practitioner, Sam was looking for an opportunity to get back into the Defence space. The role offered to Sam at LSAnalysis allowed her to strike the right balance between pursuing her career goals, and managing her family life.

“What really appealed to me about my role at LSAnalysis was that it required a combination of everything that I had done so far. The skill set required and what I brought to the table was a perfect match. To add to it, the flexibility offered, made it seem like the perfect opportunity for me. It ensured that I could balance my work and personal life, while also doing the kind of work that I absolutely love.

Drawing on diverse work experience to deliver results, while working remotely

Through her experience in the education sector, Sam developed skills allowing her to manage different stakeholders effectively. She is able to push through with deliverables and meet tight deadlines without being demanding. 

“I am extremely weary of the tough situation we all are currently in, owing to the lockdown and understand what people are going through. Just being empathetic has really helped me complete tasks in the best way possible.”

Similarly, her previous experience of working in Defence has equipped her with the ability to understand protocols and hierarchies that exist and work within these frameworks.

Pushing boundaries and delivering results

Sam’s strength lies in understanding and identifying how emerging technologies can make learning more engaging to students. With each client project she takes on, Sam looks for innovative ways to deliver outcomes.

When working on a project for Army Headquarters (AHQ) Sam worked with an industry partner to develop virtual reality prototypes to insert into training modules that would support the transition to a Technology Enabled Learning course.

The underlying requirement of delivering the prototypes was ensuring that when the courseware was moved from face-to-face to a Distributed Learning System, it was still engaging for the students.

“The project involved looking at the infrastructure of not just the curriculum, but also understanding what support mechanism needed to be in place for the students when completing the course from their home location.”

Darren Carr, General Manager at Learning Systems Analysis weighed in on Sam’s contribution to this project: 

“Sam has efficiently and effectively designed a framework for online mentor / facilitator courses for the Defence Command Support Training Centre (DCSTC). These courses will prove to be invaluable for the successful transition of face-to-face (FtF) courses to computer-based training (CBT) and will modernise the delivery of training for Defence.”

Similarly, in her current project, Sam’s role was that of a Courseware Manager, but over time she realised there was more she could offer within this role.

“The project I am working on at the moment is the Air 5428 Pilot Training System for Defence related to the acquisition of the PC21 and associated training requirements. My role involves managing the courseware remediation for the project.

But apart from project management and problem solving, I have also been able to utilise my technical skills as a Training Systems Officer and work alongside an SME to review assessments that aren’t really up to standard. I find out what the missing components of the courseware are, come up with ways to remediate the gaps and ensure it all meets the desired outcome.”

Striking the right balance between work and life

Samantha has been working remotely ever since she joined LSAnalysis, owing to the pandemic. She believes being able to balance her day has been key to meeting targets and delivering results.

“Knowing when I need to be online for my client and when I need to switch off from work and give my family some time is important to me. If that means starting my day between 5:30 and 7am to meet both commitments, so be it. But just being able to strike that balance is something my focus has been on.”

Sam continues to strike the right balance and push the boundaries when it comes to solving client problems and coming up with solutions.

“Sam’s diverse work experience has enabled her to hone her skill set to tackle any training or development problem for our clients. She is an excellent communicator and understands the problem not only from a client’s perspective but also from a training perspective and is able to
weave those answers into an overall solution,” added Darren.

Learning Systems Analysis, as the training arm of Systematiq, are committed to improving human performance and providing your organisation with the solutions to achieve this. Whatever your requirements we can help you improve your performance. Get in touch today.