Systematiq provides bid support to Daimler and Bus Australia Pacific(DTBAuP) for a large bus proposal for Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

The Customer’s Challenge

DTBAuP required bid support in the form of experienced Tender coordination, proposal writing and marketing to complete a Tender response for Transport for NSW on their Bus Procurement Panel, for the supply of buses across multiple categories within a tight timeframe.

This involved formulating succinct responses to TfNSW RFT questions, as well as collecting and merging a substantial amount of company and technical data from a number of external suppliers to DTBAuP including the parent company Daimler AG.


Systematiq provided two experienced pre-contract practitioners to work onsite with the DTBAuP team to perform bid writing and proposal coordination. This allowed internal resources to concentrate on the technical review, pricing, verification and communication with subcontractors.


Systematiq was contracted to assist before the Tender submission was due, as many of the subcontractor responses were not received until the final weeks of the response, which formed the majority of the response. The tender was managed through a collaboration tool to ensure configuration control and access by all those involved in developing the response. 

Based on the subcontractor input received, DTBAuP were able to offer a large number of bus configurations for each category. Each configuration had to be inputted into a master technical spreadsheet in order for the engineers to review and confirm requirements were met. 

A rolling review process was enacted to maintain configuration control and enable timely reviews. A similar exercise was done for pricing and company profiles. 

Through disciplined document control and meetings, the bid team was constantly kept informed on progress, whilst maintaining effective communication. As most resources were dedicated to technical tasks, reviews and providing inputs, the majority of the writing, formatting and document collation was completed by Systematiq, in a short amount of time.


Together, the team was able to produce a quality, compliant response with the largest number of configurations offered on record. Despite the time pressure, team members worked harmoniously and supported each other wherever possible. The tender response was submitted online well before the due date.  

The successful bid will result in DTBAuP renewal of the Transport for NSW Bus Procurement Panel, for the supply of buses across multiple categories.

Could you use bid writing and proposal coordination practitioners to help you prepare a quality, compliant response within a timeframe by working with your internal resources? 

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“Systematiq were engaged to support my team with the compilation of the TfNSW Bus Procurement Panel, based upon their previous assistance to our response to the WA PTA Bus Tender.

The team of Sarah Norton and Brydon Johnson were a real pleasure to deal with and integrated well into our existing team. They were able to come up to speed quickly with the task at hand and helped to direct our team so that we were able to make the extremely tight deadline.

I was also impressed with the additional support they provided us from Susanna Wyld who helped our pricing response and Samantha Tait who helped us address the TfNSW requirement for engineering management that was a massive hurdle and was overcome with the Systematiq team’s ability to get the job done.

We would highly recommend engaging Systematiq for any tender bids.”


Grant Simmonds

National Sales Manager

Mercedes-Benz Bus