Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Services to support Land 400 Phase 2

ILS Services to Tectonica as part of their support to Rheinmetall Defence Australia (RDA) for Land 400 Phase 2.

The Customer’s Challenge

Tectonica Australia, as part of their support to Land 400 Phase 2, is providing the Rheinmetall Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) with a number of Local Situational Area Systems (LSAS).

As part of this support, Tectonica required a number of documents to be developed for the LSAS. These documents, designed to feed into Rheinmetall as the Prime Integrator, would outline Tectonica’s overarching support concept for the LSAS


Systematiq engaged with Tectonica to identify the key requirements as part of their ongoing support to RDA. It was identified, through discussions with Tectonica, that the following documents were to be produced:

    • LSAS Sparing Analysis + Assessment Table
    • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Concept
    • LSAS User Manual


The project commenced with the development of the LSAS Sparing Analysis Report and Assessment Table. This involved liaising with the Project Manager and the Engineering Manager to develop an understanding of how the system was intended to be used. Minor obstacles were initially encountered with the lack of available RAM data, however, was overcome through the use of assumption-based planning.

The second stage of the task included the development of the LSAS User Manual and ILS Concept. Tectonica required the LSAS User Manual as a priority as part of their contractual requirements with RDA, to which Systematiq was able to accommodate.


The result of Systematiq’s efforts was the successful delivery and acceptance of the LSAS Sparing Assessment, LSAS User Manual, and ILS Concept, enabling Tectonica to continue to support to RDA and the Land 400 Phase 2 project.

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